What is content marketing? – With content to more reach

The term and the basics of content marketing explained

Content marketing is a frequently mentioned tool. We explain what it is and why it has become such an important element in all marketing activities.

More and more often one hears in marketing circles that the new way to communicate with customers is through content marketing. However, there is often confusion about what it ultimately means and why it is becoming so important.

The Internet has changed the buying behavior of customers dramatically. The search for information has become easier and the buying process is more and more on the customer’s side. An example would be that B2B buyers usually start 12 search queries before they even go to a company website themselves.

This is of course also reflected in the decreasing effectiveness of classic marketing and sales measures and the emergence of content marketing to counteract this trend. But what is it and why do we need it more?

Definition of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique to prepare the information of companies for the information needs of customers with the help of relevant content. The content serves as a means to attract, approach and convert customers. Various forms of content are used which are published on different channels. Blogs, social media posts, eBooks and white papers as well as news, infographics and explanatory videos. All of these are used to teach the customer something and are not intended to sell anything directly to him. This neutral approach is really important, because once the content is “adorned” with advertising again, it becomes unattractive for the potential customer to continue reading.

Content marketing can be interpreted and lived very differently. Especially for smaller companies it makes more sense to focus on the target group, to give product relevant explanations and to cover the customer segments they have.

How to do Content Marketing?

It should help to create a basis of trust and a natural growth with the customer. It gives customers the information they need to better understand the topic, to make comparisons or to better understand the features and benefits of a product. The generated content becomes a big part of the buying process and therefore you get more loyal customers or win new ones.

The goal is always to have the best possible answer to the customers’ questions. When it comes to complicated topics, it is usually good to break them down and cut to the chase. Then you can provide a detailed e-book on the topic to give the customer the necessary confidence to make the right decision. The goal is to make the customer more intelligent in the end.

The distribution of information is also important. In order to get as many readers as possible, you don’t just have to put the mail online and wait. Active handling of the content is just as important as with product advertisements. Social media, blogs, newsletters or even separate Google AdWords ads can also generate new customers.

Content Marketing and SEO

Not only customers love information, but also the SEO strategy. Since you generate a lot of relevant content on your website and therefore more people come to your website, your ranking on Google can be improved accordingly. It is also important to focus on customer-relevant content as well as to use your own keyword strategy to position yourself well.

But try not to use too many keywords. It should remain within the framework and also become particularly still readable. If you explain questions from your customers in an easily understandable way, then it is usually the case that these keywords appear automatically. So just focus on explaining the questions your customers ask every day as simply as possible in small articles.

Of course there are many more topics concerning content marketing but here I will limit myself to the essential to give a short overview. And yes, for myself this blog is also content marketing.

Benjamin Talin, a serial entrepreneur since the age of 13, is the founder and CEO of MoreThanDigital, a global initiative providing access to topics of the future. As an influential keynote speaker, he shares insights on innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and has advised governments, EU commissions, and ministries on education, innovation, economic development, and digitalization. With over 400 publications, 200 international keynotes, and numerous awards, Benjamin is dedicated to changing the status quo through technology and innovation. #bethechange Stay tuned for MoreThanDigital Insights - Coming soon!

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