#bethechange Corporate - Membership as a company 1


As a leading company, you and other members stand for change. We are happy to welcome more companies that have the mission to have a positive influence on the economy, society, science and many more.

To share knowledge, to seek solutions, to support entrepreneurs, self-employed and interested people, especially when it comes to transformation around future challenges.

Become a part of #bethechange and help to make the topics of digitalization, digital transformation and innovation and much more accessible to everyone!

The advantages as a corporate member

Publication via MoreThanDigital.info to over 1 million decision makers per year

Articles are shared via various partners and channels
– Partners / content partners (e.g. Digitale Schweiz, KMU Portal, Intranets, Ministries etc.)
– News outlets (Xing News, Google News, Yandex News, Apple News, etc.)
– All social media channels, including company tagging and author tagging

Each article is optimized by hand
– Content structure, headlines and visual
– Cover images are selected by the MoreThanDigital Team incl. licenses
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO: Links, Alt- & Meta-Texts, Keywords optimization, Tagging, Categories

Company profile under each article including social media links and do-follow backlinks

Publish an infinite number of articles with infinite number of authors

Interviews, Videos and Live-Streams

Welcome post via all social media channels including taggings of all important people for extra reach

Tagging of the company and authors for each published article

Company social media links in profile

Each article is posted on all social media channels, including company tagging and author tagging

Access to the LinkedIn push channel for greater community reach on LinkedIn

1x/year content strategy/coaching discussion including practical tips

All articles are scientifically citable due to our ISSN number (e.g. for Wikipedia, Whitepapers, etc.)

Prioritized access to the Peer Reviewed Journal for publication of scientific studies and insights

Badge as member company and part of the #bethechange movement

Access to our internal community of experts and companies

Possibility to host/co-organize events together (additional costs may arise)

Preferred access to accompany MoreThanDigital events as a partner

Access to all channels of exchange (national and international)

Pilot projects and other joint projects are possible with us or our partners

Personal access to advance topics with MoreThanDigital (e.g. MoreThanDigital Insights)

Possibility to suggest ideas/desires for projects/events/etc.

Free workshops for members (various contents – content, marketing, sales, etc.)

Access to special conditions for members (MoreThanDigital, members and externals)

Publication on the MoreThanDigital event calendar (Events, Workshops/Webinars etc.)

Possibility of video content and podcasts or live conversations through our channels

Possibilities for interviews (written, video, podcast and live stream)

We look forward to hearing from you and having a first conversation with you!

The membership fees

At MoreThanDigital, we believe that every company should have an opportunity to be a part of #bethechange. So we have taken the prices of company size, measured in employees (EMPL), as a benchmark to ensure fair membership fees.

The membership is valid for 1 year and the membership fee is also paid annually on a rolling basis.

EUR / USD / CHF 1.000
EUR / USD / CHF 2.000
EUR / USD / CHF 3.500
EUR / USD / CHF 5.000
EUR / USD / CHF 6.500
EUR / CHF / USD 7.500
EUR / USD / CHF 8.500
EUR / USD / CHF 10.000

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