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Split tests in marketing and sales

Do you regularly test new ideas in your sales and marketing strategies? Are your campaigns based on solid data rather than feelings and experience? If not, you are probably losing money or spending more money than necessary to achieve the…

6 Tips for Advertisements on LinkedIn

Most people have already realized that advertising on LinkedIn can be very useful. Whether you're a LinkedIn Ads professional or a newbie: Often, small details get lost in the shuffle, or you're just starting out and are grateful for a few…

Ransomware in the change of time

Ransomeware ist eine Form von Schadsoftware, die immer mehr KMU auf der ganzen Welt betrifft. In diesem Artikel erfährst du, wie du vermeiden kannst, von Ransomeware und anderen Cybersicherheitsrisiken betroffen zu sein.
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9 key trends in the construction industry

The construction industry is now facing the evolution that should have happened years ago. New technologies and materials are being developed all the time, which means that those working in the sector need to keep up with the latest trends…

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