MoreThanDigital publish with us articles and posts


It is literally the most frequently asked question we hear and it is truly an outstanding question to ask we have to admit 🙂

We are proud to say that we do things differently compared to any other media you might know.
We bridge the gap between experts and our large audience by helping them to optimize every piece of knowledge.
The selected members only need to focus on their expertice, we do the rest like e.x. the SEO, the Publication Optimization, the Pictures, the Keywords, the Structure, Server Structure, Translation and what not to say.

We know its hard to maintain an own blog. We even experienced that for instance LinkedIn is by far not giving you the visibility you’d want for your content nor is it easy to share it with any other magazines or newspapers and Wikipedia is not even to mention here how hard it is to get that thing published on it.
This is why we want to help you along with this rather annoying way and make it as comfortable as possible for you to publish any of your valuable content.
We provide every single step after you wrote your piece of knowledge, we’ll do the publishing and we might even translate your content into 7 different languages.

We’ll try to make it that simple to publish so its as simple as:

You give us the content – We do the rest
(literally everything)

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