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The goal of is to show many perspectives on topics as a platform. Therefore, it is important to unite renowned partners, members and experts to cover many topics in order to make knowledge centrally accessible. As is the first platform in this format, we are of course especially committed to deliver the best content that will help you sustainably.

Basic information for authors

The added value of the content is especially important to us.  Articles should help entrepreneurs, individuals and specialists to better understand and apply digitalization. The goal is to make the digital transformation applicable with relevant content, as well as to make its content understandable. This includes tutorials, explaining technologies or business models, trends, news from all industries and much more.

Certain basic criteria for content are:

  • The article must contain at least 700 words or at least 600 words for a contribution to a theme series or 350 words for infographics, videos, reports, downloads, etc. (Shorter texts will only be published by arrangement). (Shorter texts will only be published in consultation).
  • The summary must be inserted 2-3 sentences (30-50 words)
  • It must be unique content that has not been or will not be published on any other site in this or a similar form.
  • The article must offer added value and quality content and not be a marketing or sales text (no CTA placements).
  • There must be at least 1-2 for the reader relevant links set or also suitable to the article. (no marketing content or backlinks are allowed)
  • The article must fit the topics of this platform (e.g. innovation, digitalization, new technologies, new methods, etc.).

The editors reserve the right to make major changes/adjustments in consultation with the authors. Minor errors, sentence parts, links or “keywords” can be added/removed to improve the text. After publishing your contributions on our platform, the rights will automatically be transferred to MoreThanDigital.

You can always reach us by email, MoreThanDigital slack or on social media channels.

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