Content Automation – What Artificial Intelligence is Already Doing Today

Automation technologies (artificial intelligence) are taking on an increasingly important role in the digital age - Also for content

E-commerce companies are also increasingly turning to content automation, whereby product descriptions or category pages are generated automatically and integrated into the online store. The success of these companies is increasingly dependent on high-quality content, which should have as personal a relationship as possible with the customer. This can increase conversion and reduce return rates.

The big e-commerce competition

In e-commerce in particular, there is a great deal of competition among suppliers. The more accurate and comprehensible the texts and descriptions are, the easier it is for customers to make a decision. Good product texts strongly influence the customer’s decision-making process by placing important and relevant information in the right places, e.g. how loud a washing machine is and whether or not it is suitable for living rooms. However, writing meaningful product texts manually is usually time-consuming, costly and cannot be scaled. In addition, there are problems with duplicate content and translation (localization) challenges that are often not met with familiar translation solutions. With content automation, the aforementioned challenges can be solved permanently and sustainably, in that products for the online store are perfectly texted and ready for sale in just a few seconds, even for the international market.

But how does content automation work?

On the Internet, various operators advertise AI solutions that seem to automatically generate flawless texts as if by magic. Christian Meyer, CEO of uNaice, explains what a text robot is really all about and why, although text automation software is not yet a HAL 9000 (HAL 9000 is the fictional computer of the spaceship Discovery in the films 2001: A Space Odyssey), we can expect a lot in the future.

What is Content Automation?

Content automation refers to content that is generated automatically from structured data with the help of text automation software (also known as text robots). It is a method from the field of artificial intelligence, which is based on rules and draws on a large pool of experience.

The basis of any high-quality text generation is structured data. In this context, structured data is data that is available in a uniform format and can be processed automatically by algorithms.

In order to be able to generate texts from the structured data, individual sets of rules are created that contain, among other things, variations for words and parts of sentences. In the process, the intelligent system can constantly learn new things and thus continue to improve. This procedure can be compared to a human brain learning vocabulary. Here, the brain is supplied with more and more information from which it can draw and thus continue to improve. Unlike the human brain, however, the intelligent system does not forget and can always deliver the same quality, even with the thousandth product description.

Target group and channel-specific content

In this way, target group- and channel-specific content can be generated from all structured data, which is designed for the individually desired language style and duct – and this in more than 110 different languages. To achieve this, the content is not simply translated automatically, as is the case with classic translation tools, but the set of rules is translated and adapted individually for each language. This ensures not only the linguistic but also the cultural accuracy of the texts. Translation errors or incorrect expressions are almost impossible with this method. The internationalization of e-commerce companies can thus be accelerated many times over.

SEO relevance of content automation

By the way, good (product) texts are not only appreciated by customers, search engines are also pleased about useful and informative content and reward the added value of texts in terms of content. Product texts therefore also have an impact on the visibility of an online store. Content automation thus creates better texts for customers and search engines. However, the technology of the text robot can not only be used for product descriptions or category pages for online stores, but in all areas where structured data is used. This includes, among other things, directions, news, sports and weather reporting. Content automation is also increasingly being used in financial communications. Customer behavior and preferences are changing and evolving faster and faster and the competition is not sleeping, especially in e-commerce, so it becomes more important to respond to them and provide a unique user experience.

In addition to good product and category page texts, automation processes offer completely different possibilities for e-commerce and its customers, such as product videos or behavioral content, which will play an increasingly important role in the future. Alongside personal contact, videos are considered to be among the most trustworthy communication media.

Based on automatically generated product texts, product videos can be created with relevant content that increases the visibility of the online store – after all, search engines love videos. Content Automation also provides the right technology for creating Behavioural Content. Behavioural content is personalized content that appeals to customers even more, leading to even more conversions. With content automation, e-commerce businesses can take full advantage of


Automation processes will continue to gain in importance in the future and will be used in more areas. Thus, content automation will also gain importance in the long term.

Author: Christian Meyer from uNaice GmbH

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