5 reasons when it’s worth getting started with marketing automation

When is the right time to get started with marketing automation?

Many companies are now venturing into marketing automation – not least because the tools have been used successfully for some time and deliver a high ROI.

The job of a marketing manager or CMO requires juggling multiple channels, messages and even audiences. Without a certain degree of automation, it is difficult to keep track of all the communication, all the activities.

Many companies are now venturing into marketing automation – not least because the tools have been used successfully for some time and deliver a high ROI.

When set up correctly, marketing automation can better align marketing activities, qualify leads, and provide important performance data about the sales funnel.

Reasons to get started with marketing automation

1. Relevance

When your marketing activities aren’t working as well as you’d like them to be

Without a marketing automation solution, it can be difficult to get the data you need to determine exactly how well your marketing activities are working. With marketing automation solutions, or the reporting tools, it’s easy to see how successful your activities are. This is based on a smooth integration of the marketing automation platform with the website and other digital channels.

2. Top of mind

When your buying journey is too long

The customer journey to purchase completion can sometimes take a long time and place unnecessary demands on sales staff. This happens when colleagues deal with customers at the wrong time.

Thanks to automated communication and lead scoring, you can help shape the customer decision-making process and, in the best case, even shorten it.

By scoring leads, only qualified contacts who are ready to buy are passed on to the sales team. Sales can then focus on closing the deal and spend less time educating the customer, since this has already been automated in the sales funnel process.

3. Many systems

If you don’t have enough data to segment your leads

Personalized communication is the name of the game in customer interaction. If content is king, then let’s say personalized content is the conqueror. To conquer a customer you need to know them.

With marketing automation software, you can segment your contacts by attributes and demonstrated behaviors and assign them to a step in the customer journey. This helps you achieve a higher conversion rate throughout the sales funnel.

4. Focus

When good leads slip through your fingers

Without automation, nurturing leads is a challenge. This is an opportunity for well-positioned competitors. On the other hand, if you actively nurture your leads, both sales and profits can increase.

B2B companies in particular are currently embracing marketing automation and getting better at it. With marketing automation, they deliver relevant content at the right moment and recognize when the lead is ready to buy – then the right offer is already waiting.

5. Too few leads

When the lead list is too small

Effectively processing leads can be time-consuming. An organization quickly reaches its limits. At the same time, it needs more leads to keep the company profitable or to grow.

Once you have marketing automation in place, you can capture more leads through the website and other digital channels, segment the list, send them targeted messages, and move more contacts through the sales funnel.

How to get started with marketing automation

The introduction of marketing automation represents a strategic change and usually has implications for marketing and sales processes. This is how it should be!

Because we want to benefit from the opportunities that present themselves and align ourselves in a more targeted manner. At the same time, we do not want to act hastily and burn resources and, in the worst case, even customers.

It is therefore essential to consciously address the issue and the challenges for the organization, the processes and the employees.

First steps with marketing automation

  1. Learn about the features of marketing automation solutions.
  2. Develop a model for getting started with marketing automation. E.g. with the practical model for the introduction.
  3. Compare the different open source and cloud providers and find the right marketing automation software for you.
Adrian Schimpf ist CEO und Head of Product von Aivie, dem Marketing Automation Tool aus der Schweiz für Europa. Er gestaltet digitale Kanäle und Kundeninteraktionen mit Automatisierung, AI und Plugins. Er hat 20 Jahren Erfahrung an der Schnittstelle Kunde und IT.

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