Proper community management must be crisis-proof – 4 wonderful starting points

Use the added value of communities for the future - also digitally!

We can never be prepared for everything, but with every crisis we can gain new experience that we can draw on in the future. We should take advantage of new opportunities that are offered to us now. We should take advantage of this time. We can rethink business plans, get rid of dependencies that are not necessary. Good community management is half the battle, so let’s focus on it in the coming days.

Dear community, the Corona crisis is also hitting us. The effects of the crisis are already clearly visible and continue to grow. Even the news magazine “Focus” emphasizes again this week that at the moment it is already certain that the world will change forever due to the Covid-19 virus. Aid packages in the trillions are currently being discussed, because the consequences of the containment measures are already devastating for the economy. Nevertheless, somehow things have to continue. We must try to direct our focus on positive things. “The crisis is accelerating a development in the world of work that is long overdue in Germany,” says Thore Schlaak of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). The only chance for entrepreneurs, who usually rely on personal customer contact, is called community management.

The Corona crisis brings hard times for the fitness industry, the cosmetics industry, and the event industry, for example. Creativity is needed here now, because without the customer visit, work in these sectors becomes difficult. Below we put together a few tips that will help you keep your community active.

Community BuildingCommunity cohesion is the key!

First and foremost is the cohesion of your community. Normally, members simply enter the studio you provide or participate in your events. Today, you need to rethink. The goal must be to give users something to participate in together, despite the limitations. This could be a challenge that you launch online. Encourage your members to send you video clips of home workouts. Call on your members to send you their facial cleansing routine in a step-by-step list, or have your participants vote online for which live event you can broadcast as a webinar, if possible. Share the best posts on your homepage and give a short statement about it.

Communication with your community is also important and should not be put on hold during a crisis. Be present even in difficult times, for example, publish weekly posts in which you share your own experiences. Here you can present your own training plans, share recipes for face masks or perhaps upload clips of past live concerts and reminisce with your fans. Give your community content and generate conversation. Not only will you keep in touch, but you’ll also create a connection between you and your community.

Added value for the community is required!

In times of pandemic, it’s hard for many people to think positively because everyday life is overflowing with negativity. If you want to add value to your community, show them the benefits of simply spending time at home and having time to themselves. Let your members try something new. Highlight workouts with your own body weight. No equipment is needed, plus the workout is easy on the joints.

Start an Information Channel, the time you stay home is also the time you can give your skin a break from makeup and co, point out pros and cons. Publish short previews of events and give small glimpses of the planned program, so you can increase your anticipation for the time after the crisis together.
Staying informed and educated are the name of the game in these times. Sovereignty can only radiate if you are up to date and also know about what is not yet known. Your identity as a community manager is shaped by the transmission of values and purposing, make this characteristic your mission now more than ever.

Leading by example!

The Venice Beach fitness chain is setting a good example in community management. Due to the closure due to the Covid-19 virus, the operators have developed a “Venice Beach app” in which the fitness classes that members normally attend on site can be accessed online. Exercise videos and execution tips are also offered alongside a digital personal training plan so members can continue to track their goals from home. People can find out about class content and times beforehand and participate when it’s most convenient for them.

All members can share ideas and find motivation from each other in a forum. You can even arrange to work out with others via a chat. The operators develop statistics about your performance, which you can later access on your profile to track your training successes. Although some may not find it comparable to personal training at the gym, this alternative also has its advantages for everyone: no one has to stand in line at the machine or visit a trainer to ask him or her questions. Everything works at the click of a mouse. Let pioneers inspire you and develop your own creative ideas.

Use the potential of the future!

We can never be prepared for everything, but with every crisis we can gain new experience that we can draw on in the future. We should take advantage of new opportunities that are offered to us now. We should take advantage of this time. We can rethink business plans, get rid of dependencies that are not necessary. Working in the online market is becoming more and more lucrative, it is a trend that will continue to develop and spread. Those who do good community management already have half the battle, so let’s direct our focus to it in the coming days. Let’s get a foothold in the market of the future now and think about how we can best jump on the moving train.

DR. IRÈNE KILUBI hat als promovierte Wirtschaftsingenieurin und Unternehmensberaterin in ihrer Vita Unternehmen wie BMW, Deloitte, Amazon & Co auf der Liste. Nach vielen Stationen folgt sie jetzt ihrer ganz persönlichen Leidenschaft und ist mit den Themen Community Building, Corporate Influencer und Connecting GenXYZ unterwegs. Darüber hinaus ist sie als Expert Advisor für den European Innovation Council Accelerator der Europäischen Kommission tätig. Dr. Irène Kilubi ist Universitätsdozentin für Digitales Marketing und Entrepreneurship und eine gefragte Referentin auf Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen. Mein Buch »Du bist mehr als eine Zahl. Warum das Alter keine Rolle spielt.« erschien am 29. Februar im Murmann Verlag und kann hier bestellt werden.

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