Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions: How to Use Data and Insights to Grow Your Business

Making strategic management decisions based on data and insights

How can you use data, insights and business analytics to make strategic decisions? This article will help you to understand data-driven strategic management (DDSM).

Business analytics (BA) is the process of transforming data into insights that can be used to make strategic decisions. It can help you understand your customers, identify new opportunities, and optimize your operations. Analytics and insights can be powerful by limiting the risks you take and helping you make decisions with confidence. Business analytics is not about generating random reports or analyzing data for the sake of it. It’s about using data to answer specific business questions and solve real-world problems. To be effective, business analytics needs to be integrated into all aspects of your business, from decision-making

In this article, we will discuss how you can use business analytics to grow your business and especially how to improve your strategic decision-making by using insights, data and analytics.

By understanding and using business analytics, you can make sound strategic decisions that will help your business grow and secure the bottom line.

What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics (BA) is the process of transforming data into insights that can help a business make strategic decisions. Businesses need data to make informed decisions about where to allocate their resources and business analytics is the basis for this strategic data-driven decision-making.

Some typical questions that can be answered by using insights based on Business Analytics:

  • How can we increase sales?
  • What are our most popular products?
  • Who are our best customers?
  • How can we improve our website?
  • How can we reduce costs?

Entrepreneurs must understand that business analytics can be used to improve any area of a business, from marketing and sales to customer service and operations. But this improvement and focus is determined by the strategy of the company and these goals.

General Benefits of using Business Analytics

By analyzing data, a lot of strategic decisions can be supported to successfully grow a business. Some of the many benefits of using business analytics include the following:

1. Increased efficiency and productivity

Business analytics can help you become more efficient and productive by identifying areas where you can improve operations. For example, you can use analytics to identify bottlenecks in your production process and find ways to optimize them.

2. Improved decision-making

Business analytics can help you make better decisions by providing insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other factors that impact your business. These advanced insights help businesses to create a more long-term focused strategy.

3. Greater competitiveness

Business analytics can give you a competitive edge by helping you understand your rivals and what strategies they are using to succeed. Competitive insights, as it is called, can be powerful as it uses a systematic approach in understanding the markets and competition.

4. Enhanced profitability

Business analytics can help you achieve greater profitability by identifying opportunities to increase sales or reduce costs.

5. Better understanding of customers

Business analytics allows you to understand your customers’ needs and wants, which helps you create products and services that appeal to them. Additionally, it can also be possible to increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and increase customer loyalty due to better targeting and understanding.

6. Improved risk management

Business analytics can help you identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that could impact your business negatively. You can then take steps to mitigate these risks before they cause any damage. This predictive risk management can be a valuable tool for strategic decision-making.

7. Improving customer satisfaction

Businesses can use data and analytics to improve their understanding of customer needs and expectations. They can then use this information to improve the customer experience.

How to get started with Strategic Business Analytics?

Businesses need to be ready before they start with data-driven strategic management. This means that they need to have a clear understanding of their business goals and objectives, as well as their current situation. They also need to have access to the right data, as well as the ability to analyze it effectively. Additionally, businesses need to be able to trust the insights and KPIs that are generated by Business Analytics tools and methods.

If a business is not ready to start using Business Analytics, then it may be wise to first invest in some training. This will help employees understand how Business Analytics can be used to improve decision-making, as well as how to use the data effectively. Once a business is ready, it can start exploring different Business Analytics tools and methods to find the ones that work best for its specific needs.

Here are some simple but important steps to follow when you want to get ready for using business analytics.

  1. Set clear goals and objectives for your data-driven strategy. Start by developing a clear understanding of what needs to be collected, and what the outcomes should be, and try to understand the needs of different user groups, as everyone has different needs.
  2. Gain access to the right data. This data can come from internal sources, such as sales records or customer surveys, or external sources, such as industry reports or government data.
  3. Once you have this data, you need to be able to analyze it effectively. This means using the right tools and methods to generate insights that can help improve decision-making.
  4. Create a data data-driven culture. This is essential for businesses that want to make the most of Business Analytics. This involves making sure that employees understand data and have access to it and it becomes a “new normal” to use data as a strategic decision basis.
  5. You and your employees need to trust the insights that are generated by Business Analytics. This means ensuring that employees understand how to use the data effectively and making sure that they follow best practices when it comes to decision-making.

Using Insights for strategic decisions and management

There are several advantages to basing strategic decisions on insights from business analytics. One of the biggest advantages is that it can help reduce the amount of gut feeling that goes into decision-making. This can be valuable, as the gut feeling is often not very accurate.

Business analytics can also help speed up the decision-making process. This is because it allows you to gather and analyze data quickly, which can help you come to a decision more quickly. Additionally, business analytics can help you generate more precise outcomes. This is because it allows you to use data to inform your decisions, which can lead to better results.

Finally, using business analytics can help managers feel more secure in their decisions. This is because it allows them to use data-backed insights to back up their decisions. This can help managers feel more confident in their choices and make them less likely to second-guess themselves.


Business analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to improve decision-making in businesses and overall strategic management. It involves collecting data, analyzing it effectively, and using the insights generated to make better decisions. There are several advantages to using business analytics, including reducing the amount of gut feeling that goes into decision-making, speeding up the decision-making process, and generating more precise outcomes. Additionally, managers who use business analytics feel more secure in their decisions and are less likely to second guess themselves.

Start your data-driven strategic management by setting clear goals, align it with your business needs and start with small projects before you expand into more complex business analytics too fast. This way you have time to adjust the culture, adjust the scopes and don’t be overwhelmed with a too-fast change of culture.

Author: Benjamin Talin, CEO MoreThanDigital

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