7 facts about mobile technologies

Why new technologies for smartphones etc. are becoming so important and how you should use this as a company

Mobile technologies and changing customer behavior are important elements of digital transformation. We show you 7 facts about mobile usage and explain why they are important.

Digital transformation should help companies to operate better, to deliver faster and to offer a good customer experience. The modernization should help to meet the rapid change of the customers and mobile becomes a critical factor for future success in the market. That’s why I’m going to show you 7 facts why mobile technologies are important for every company.

1. Customers can not do without the cell phone

91% of users said that they have their cell phone with them 100% of the time. The cell phone is the most personal device of most users. – Mobile Marketing Association

From this, companies can deduce that customers are always available via mobile channels and also want to communicate with the company itself without detours.

2. Mobile as a revenue driver

In 2016, 35% of eCommerce transactions were already conducted via the phone, which corresponds to about 142 billion sales via the mobile channel, making it an important sales channel. – Forrester

This trend has accelerated in recent years. Especially regions like Africa, South America or Asia show much faster growth rates.

3. Help with the customer journey

Almost 50% of all purchase decisions have involved a mobile interaction. – Facebook IQ

Most customers gather information through various channels and media before purchasing a product or service. This includes mobile channels such as the smartphone.

4. Internet of Things (IoT) as a future market

Companies investing in IoT will have an estimated impact of 11 trillion USD, especially in B2B. Mobile is the focus here. – McKinsey

More and more devices like voice assistants, smart home devices and many more are in use. So the connection of customer and the devices will also take an important role.

5. Preferred communication channel

More than 6 billion SMS are sent every day. More importantly, the open rate is >7 times higher than emails. – Forrester

SMS and email are on the decline as instant messengers are on the rise, but they are still efficient and widely used communication media.

6. Easy and fast shopping

On Cyber Monday, already in 2015, over $838 million was transacted via mobile devices and through the ease of mobile shopping. This accounted for 27% of sales. – ComScore

Customers prefer the simple controls they are used to from Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Everything should be able to be done with just a few clicks and with a few “swipes” without big media breaks or complicated payment processes.

7. Generate data and address it personally

90% of all data worldwide has been generated in the last 10 years. Being close to the customer helps to connect the data in the right way, to address the customer personally and to use the data in a meaningful way. – Science Daily

This acquired data should be used with the help of AI, Machine Learning etc. to optimize business processes, automate or provide customers with more service and better suggestions.

These are just some of the facts that should inspire to think about the impact of mobile technologies. Of course, the customer with his smartphone is at the center of the change. Regardless of whether B2B or B2C, it is ultimately about communication with the customer, and nowadays that customer is a person with a smartphone.

Benjamin Talin, a serial entrepreneur since the age of 13, is the founder and CEO of MoreThanDigital, a global initiative providing access to topics of the future. As an influential keynote speaker, he shares insights on innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and has advised governments, EU commissions, and ministries on education, innovation, economic development, and digitalization. With over 400 publications, 200 international keynotes, and numerous awards, Benjamin is dedicated to changing the status quo through technology and innovation. #bethechange Stay tuned for MoreThanDigital Insights - Coming soon!

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