Love-hate relationship between company and personnel consultant

How digitization will affect the love-hate relationship between companies and HR consultants

Everyone uses them, but no one talks about them. The market for external personnel consulting has established itself and will not disappear in the coming years. However, very few companies actively think about how they can generate real added value from this recruitment channel. They also often lack the overview and experience to manage it properly and use it effectively. In the coming years, successful cooperation will be achieved by those companies that structure and organize themselves in connection with HR Digital in good time.

Digitalization in HR and recruiting – buzzword bingo or reality?

Two sides, two parties – it doesn’t work with, but also not without each other. 33 % more personnel agencies and personnel consultants in Germany, in the last five years. Not desired – used by everyone – but no one talks about it.

The market of external personnel consulting has established itself and will not dissolve in the coming years. Fact is, every second company actively uses the cooperation with external service providers to survive in the “War of Talents”. And in the rating of a study even before “employees recruit employees” and “social media recruiting”. (Recruiting channel 1: own job portal on the Internet, 2: company website, 3: external recruiting).

You know it too, right? When the seventh recruiter calls you in ONE morning and once again pulls you out of something to get on your nerves. To get out of this cycle is relatively difficult, because if you can’t absorb the internal in your company with your own resources, it will be tight in times of shortage of skilled workers.

Did you know that in the current applicant situation you can only exchange your vacant positions with other companies and not significantly build up staff?

Or, dear recruiters, when you try for the fifth time to get feedback on your candidate profile in the specialist area, or someone has again identified you as a human trafficker during the telephone acquisition.

The pressure is great for both sides, desired candidates are lost, because if you don’t act quickly and professionally enough, you lose and the candidate ends up looking for something else – after all, he has several offers.

Every day, entire HR teams face the task of recruiting new, qualified employees. The main part of the workload shifts more and more to administrative activities. Phone calls, e-mails, inquiries in the specialist department, etc. currently cost companies up to four months of working time per year, which is thus wasted as purely administrative activity instead of dealing with the important core tasks. This is hard cash and, not to be forgotten, it has a negative impact on the motivation of the recruiting team.

But how can you make this recruiting channel more qualitative so that at the end of the day, all parties enjoy it? Often, there is a lack of overview or experience to manage the processes properly and use them effectively in order to unleash the full potential.

In the coming years, successful cooperation and an associated head start in the “War of Talents” will be achieved by those companies that structure and organize themselves in a timely manner in connection with HR Digital.

Five tips

If something is to be optimized and automated, you should start where the administrative disruption factor is greatest. In 87% of German companies, the HR department is predestined for the digital advance! You just have to think about what needs to be taken into account right from the start and proceed in an organized, clean and structured manner.

Take a close look at your recruiting channels: Where is it hanging? How can you counteract this?

Organize and structure internally: Create a common system in applicant management to ensure a smooth and automated internal process. The status must be transparent for all parties involved at all times.

Optimal organization and control of the third most frequent recurrence channel, creates transparency through automation, as a basis for efficient, qualitative and successful cooperation.
Go one step deeper: Are you able to answer questions like “Which are your top three service providers and how many of their profiles have you invited in the last three months?”.

“If you digitize a crap process, then you have a crap digital process”

… said Thorsten Dirks, as CEO of Telefónica Deutschland AG, and he is right!

Particularly in view of the negative sentiment towards the recruiting and placement industry, it is important to make the processes in this channel as lean, transparent and automated as possible.

Optimize this external recruiting channel by structuring your headhunters and service providers, channeling communication and creating medium-term evaluation and assessment options. Ideally, you should use a cloud tool that is tailored to this channel.

    Ich bin eigentlich – wie im Leben so oft – ganz ungeplant in den HR- und Recruitingbereich gerutscht. Kommunikation, Menschen und Netzwerken waren schon früh meine Leidenschaft – seit 2012 begeistert mich diese Branche. Als Personalberaterin- und Vermittlerin war ich auf den IT-Sektor spezialisiert, wechselte 2015 auf die „Inhouse-Seite“ als HR- und Recruiting-Manager und freue mich nun mit dieser Expertise Unternehmen zu helfen, sich mittels einer Cloud-Lösung im Recruiting effektiv aufzustellen und eine Brücke zwischen Unternehmen und Personaldienstleister zu schlagen.

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