5 Pinterest Advertising Formats Explained – The Underestimated Social Media Platform

Less advertising budget wastage with Pinterest? Which possibilities and formats Pinterest offers for advertising and what matters in each case

When it comes to social media advertising, many people think of Facebook, Instagram, or the rising star TikTok. Pinterest usually flies under the radar, even though the network has been around since 2010. Too bad! Because one thing can be said in advance: Compared to other platforms, Pinterest offers advertisers much less wastage.

The same requirements apply to all ad formats on Pinterest: First, there is a choice between square and 2:3 aspect ratios. Pinterest recommends a minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels or 1000 x 1500 pixels, depending on the aspect ratio. Each format can also be titled with a maximum of 100 characters and described with 500 characters. Even if simple in essence – for the individual formats, of course, still apply special features.

Understand the 5 ad formats on Pinterest

Format 1 – Standard

This option offers the use of graphics, photos and mockups, which – always presented upright – attract the attention of the user. Graphics can also be provided with a logo and text overlay. In addition to the general criteria, the typical quality features are also important: On the one hand, the motif should be sufficiently illuminated, on the other hand, the focus must be on core elements that, at best, direct the viewer’s gaze. But what if a single image is not enough to convey the message?

Format 2 – Carousel

A picture says more than a thousand words – but how much meaning do several pictures have? With the Carousel, two to five individual images in a fixed sequence even create entire stories. As with the standard format, the usual quality criteria apply to all images. The special feature here: The individual graphics can be lined up seamlessly, so there is no optical gap between the images. This makes it possible to present panoramas as carousels and to encourage users to swipe. However, the carousel is not the only way to place multiple content in one format.

Format 3 – Collections

Collections are a very special format. Here, a so-called “Hero” object is displayed above three smaller “secondary objects”. The Hero object takes up the same width as the three secondary objects next to it. This is exactly why Pinterest recommends an aspect ratio of 2:3 for the Hero, and square for the secondary images. When choosing the Hero, users can also decide between image or video. If users then click on the collection, a larger selection opens with up to 24 additional secondary objects. The special highlight: Once good and harmonious collections of your own products have been created, they can be converted to the next shopping format with just a few clicks.

Format 4 – Shopping

Pinterest offers two options for the shopping ad format: On the one hand, Collection Ads allow the display of collections with a direct link to an online store. On the other hand, individual products can be put in the focus via the classic shopping ads. Both options support the direct display of the respective price and a title, but only the Collection-Ad offers the integration of a video as Hero. However, this does not mean that individual videos cannot also be placed as ads.

Format 5 – Video

For the moving image alone, Pinterest offers a separate advertising format, which is the only exception in terms of criteria. Advertising videos can be posted on the platform either square, in 2:3 or even in a 16:9 ratio. Videos are usually not edgewise, so they can be placed in widescreen as the only ad format. The “maximum width” option then displays the moving image so that it does not share the line with any other content. Square videos can also be displayed with maximum width. Booking this additional option can be worthwhile, especially for more display space on all devices.

Five formats with endless possibilities

It is precisely promising innovations and new viewing angles of long “believed dead” trends that find the most hearing on Pinterest. Similar to Likes and sharing on Facebook, target groups on Pinterest are grouped by interaction with pins. The advantage of Pinterest: as the name suggests, the platform is limited exclusively to sharing interests and thus offers all the more targeted approaches with the various advertising formats.

The requirements are now known. For all other questions, Pinterest additionally provides sufficient instructions for creating the advertising campaigns. So the tip is: search for your target group on Pinterest, check the topic response, and if the results are promising, just start advertising.

Philipp Reittinger ist Geschäftsführer von ZweiDigital und absoluter Social-Media-Profi. Nach seinem Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften in Frankfurt baute er zunächst den Bereich App-Marketing bei Shopgate auf und verantwortete bei Vier für Texas das Thema Performance Marketing, ehe er mit Andreas Arndt 2018 ZweiDigital gründete. Die Social-Ads-Agentur ZweiDigital aus Frankfurt entwickelt für Kund:innen wie Connox, Waterdrop, Longines und SportSpar individuelle Performance-Kampagnen auf Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest und TikTok.

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