6 Tips for Advertisements on LinkedIn

How to optimize the performance of LinkedIn Ads

Most people have already realized that advertising on LinkedIn can be very useful. Whether you’re a LinkedIn Ads professional or a newbie: Often, small details get lost in the shuffle, or you’re just starting out and are grateful for a few good insider tips. We reveal our 6 most important learnings that are relevant for (almost) everyone.

LinkedIn is more than just a social network. The platform focuses on careers, continuing education and digital B2B marketing. LinkedIn is perfect for making professional contacts, presenting expertise or convincing users of products or services. In this post, we reveal 6 helpful tips & tricks that are suitable for people who already run ads on LinkedIn as well as for people who are still at the very beginning.

1. Get inspired: LinkedIn Ads Library

The LinkedIn Ads Library is perfect for getting inspiration for your own ads. One can search by company, keyword, country and date and get inspired. This way, competitors’ ads can be analyzed very quickly and accurately, and best practices can be identified and adopted. Through the LinkedIn Ads Library, exciting details about other companies’ ads can be viewed and provide exciting insights. A look at the library is a must for advertisers on LinkedIn and certainly can’t hurt.

Screenshot of the LinkedIn Ads Library
Screenshot of the LinkedIn Ads Library

2. Short & crisp – Copywriting for LinkedIn Ads

The attention span on social media is very short and therefore copy for ads should also be kept rather short. Our experience has shown that 1-2 lines perform best and LinkedIn itself also recommends 150 characters for the copy. After the second line you have to click on “Show more”.

Should the texts become longer: meaningful paragraphs and bullet points help to bring structure into the copy. Meaningful paragraphs and bullet points are excellent and ensure that even long texts are read. Emojis can also be used to liven up the text, but you should not include more than three of them in an ad, otherwise LinkedIn might reject the ad.

3. Products or services that need to be explained: Whitepaper

Some products or services simply can’t be explained in a short ad. For this, we have a particularly hot tip: Instead of obsessively trying to shorten down details and unique features, you can work with a whitepaper and then promote it on LinkedIn. This way, you can package all the important information in an appealing and compact way in a kind of digital information booklet.

4. Only those who know their goal will find the way – clearly define goals

It is very important to set goals and work towards them. Clearly formulated goals within your LinkedIn activities point you in the right direction and increase the chance of ultimately achieving them. Make sure that your goals are not too general, too soft or too unrealistic. Set clear deadlines for achieving your goals and regularly check how your goals are developing.

The SMART formula can be used to formulate goals. It helps to formulate goals in a specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and timely manner. The SMART formula enables you to clearly check to what extent a set goal has been achieved. Knowing this clear evaluation standard can increase commitment as well as motivation.

5. It’s all in the mix: the different ad formats!

LinkedIn offers a variety of different ad formats from text posts, to image and video posts, to survey or event posts. Take advantage of the full range of formats, as this will also make your content and ads more interesting and varied. As you create your ad, think about how you can incorporate different formats. At the beginning of a campaign, you can also set up different formats to check which one performs best.

6. Don’t forget: Organic content to complement LinkedIn ads

Many run ads on LinkedIn and forget to use their organic reach as well. If you click from the ad to the company name, it looks inviting if posts are regularly posted there and you can get more impressions. And organic content is also relevant to people who already know the company. It helps achieve key touchpoints, position the company as an expert, and strengthen customer loyalty. Organic content pays off in terms of brand awareness and accompanies prospects and potential customers far beyond the ads.

Conclusion on tips for LinkedIn ads

As mentioned at the beginning, LinkedIn is undoubtedly an interesting platform for advertisers. If you take the listed tips into account during and before placing ads, you will definitely be more successful on LinkedIn and can thereby optimize your ads with just a few quick steps and improve performance as a result. However, these tips alone are of course not sufficient for successful ads on LinkedIn, but only serve as assistance and thought support. For a promising presence, you need an elaborated strategy that includes many important details. Learn more about a successful LinkedIn strategy for companies here.

Philipp Reittinger ist Geschäftsführer von ZweiDigital und absoluter Social-Media-Profi. Nach seinem Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften in Frankfurt baute er zunächst den Bereich App-Marketing bei Shopgate auf und verantwortete bei Vier für Texas das Thema Performance Marketing, ehe er mit Andreas Arndt 2018 ZweiDigital gründete. Die Social-Ads-Agentur ZweiDigital aus Frankfurt entwickelt für Kund:innen wie Connox, Waterdrop, Longines und SportSpar individuelle Performance-Kampagnen auf Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest und TikTok.

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