From Zero to Sales – A Practical Example of Marketing Automation in the B2B Environment

Marketing automation for personalized customer acquisition and retention in B2B

Now with marketing automation from zero to sales. Customer acquisition and retention in B2B should be highly personalized and yet efficient.

Personalized customer acquisition and retention in B2B should be highly personalized and yet efficient. How does it work? The B2B trading company Falcone has digitized and automated lead generation with Aivie. In this way, it has been possible to build up successful marketing, completely automatically.

B2B practical example – Falcone Specialties

This was precisely the goal of the retail company Falcone: to address customers in a digitally personalized manner and to make this process efficient and targeted. Until now, lead processing at Falcone was not very automated. Prospects and customers received very personal and individual support. The successful business has benefited from word of mouth. Leads were already being generated digitally, but without marketing automation and with comparatively great effort. A transformation should take place here to optimize the digital sales funnel.

“For us, it was an eye opener on how to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers and suppliers in the increasingly digital B2B business.”

Roman Widmer, CEO Falcone Specialities

To this end, an up-to-date digital presence was designed for Falcone with a new website that is meaningfully integrated into the sales funnel. With marketing automation, the potential for digital lead processing is exploited.

In this way, leads are automated, generated in a more targeted manner via the website and provided with information in an automated manner. This also leads to better advice in person and makes it easier to win customers. The quality of the posts has won. This puts Falcone and its experts on a higher level compared to competitors. The posts have more depth of content and there is a logical next step in the customer journey. This also leads to added value for account managers. As a result, the new website has gained a higher profile in the sales funnel and in the organization.

Thus, the digital presence has taken on a new status in the organization. The digitization project has led to the transformation of the organization. The team has gained autonomy, is consistently aligned with the target group and the internal interaction works for a digital sales funnel. The team is now also investing more time to further automate processes.

How can you implement successful marketing for your company and transform your organization? And how can you address your customers efficiently and still in a personalized way? We explain this here step by step.

Use Case for B2B Marketing Automation - Falcone Specialities

The principle behind personal marketing

You might be familiar with this: the bakery you trust at the end of the street lures you into the store with a fresh smell from the oven. The attentive waitress inquires about your preferences and reassures you that you’re not alone with your nut bar addiction – and that you’re in the right place, because they’re a specialty and they’re just coming out of the oven anyway. Maybe you’ll grab them, maybe you won’t. It depends on what else is going on with you right now. If you walk by the store in the next few days, the waitress will give you a friendly wave, or the nut bar. On the next visit, the same waitress will suggest the nut bar with a wink.

This means that when visitors come back and interact with us later, we can greet them as old acquaintances. A personalized offer at the right moment leads to a better experience and is therefore successful marketing.

Identify the interests of website visitors

How is this done online? How can we tell whether visitors have come to stay? They show this online by spending a long time on the website or in the online store and performing various actions. Such actions include clicking on buttons, watching videos, looking at products, searching, sharing – and, of course, coming back again and again (repeated visits).

Of course, to enable personalization in marketing, these actions must first be offered on the website. The website is ideally tagged and linked to the marketing automation tool.

Finally, the website should encourage visitors to provide additional information, such as an e-mail address. A good example is a so-called lead magnet in the form of a download or a low-priced entry-level product (trip wire).

Address visitors in a personalized way

Just like operating the bakery, we also want to generate interest in our other offerings online. This is achieved with targeted promotional measures. If visitors feel personally addressed and we offer them something relevant to them, then visitors will stick around.

The service presented background information on the nut bars. Online, for example, we can present more information about our offerings in a blog post. Waving as we walk past the store is something we can do online in the form of retargeting ads. If we already know who our visitor:s are, we can also play out personalized communication campaigns. Via email or social media, we can further develop the relationship and build trust via introductions, suitable references or personal follow-up.

And on the next visit to the website or web store, we automatically present the personalized content on the page: here’s the nut bar you like so much! Voila, successful personalization in marketing. This is how we achieve higher acceptance, thus a higher conversion rate and ultimately more sales.

Complete customer profiles for increasing personalization

The more precisely we know who is visiting us, the more appropriately we can present ourselves and our offerings. Getting to know them better naturally happens step by step. Just as in face-to-face interactions, online the customer profile becomes more complete with each interaction.

An anonymous ID eventually becomes a customer in our marketing tool.

This is because personalized marketing is essential for the conversion rate and is increasingly expected by customers, especially in the digital environment. By addressing customers with the right content at the right time, they receive added value with every interaction. After all, the waitress knows that she has to offer the visitor:in a nut bar and not a chocolate. With marketing automation, offers can be made individually, personalized and automatically online.

Increase customer loyalty with marketing automation

With marketing automation, we create a personalized customer journey for every customer. This way, they feel understood and picked up. That builds trust. But that’s not all. Precise tracking allows customers to determine the course of their journey themselves. In other words, they control with their behavior when and how often they are contacted. A good experience creates customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this context, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to retain data sovereignty, because data is no longer the new gold.

From a company’s point of view, this also offers the opportunity to recognize which messages and stories are well received when and where, and which content is better shared. This also allows changing trends to be identified and built upon. This is because personalized interactions with customers are increasingly taking place in automated digital form, e.g. via e-mail. Marketing automation tools immediately provide the ability to collect and analyze interaction data and execute appropriate actions. These are the most important reasons for getting started with marketing automation.

Author: Fabienne Meyer

Aivie macht Touchpoints mit Kund:innen persönlich - ganz automatisch. Mit ganzheitlicher, flexibler und einfacher Marketing Automation von Aivie gelingt der Aufbau erfolgreicher Beziehungen. Aivie integriert alle Kanäle entlang der Customer Journey für eine nahtlose Experience, inklusive E-Mail Marketing, Sales Funnels und CRM. Unsere Spezialist:innen unterstützen mit Content Creation und AI.

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