MetaSales: Selling in the Metaverse through XR Customer Experiences

XR Customer Experiences: How Complex Products Can Be Presented Vividly

MetaSales is an innovative sales strategy that enables companies to present and sell products through virtual twins in the metaverse. Customers can simulate workflows and try out products virtually, which increases product loyalty and boosts sales. Sales consultants can illustrate complex products and processes using XR Customer Experience, increasing their efficiency. There is also a whitepaper about this on my blog.

The metaverse, the concept of the virtual world, which has been strongly propagated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in recent months, is currently still a dream. Nevertheless, virtual reality has already arrived in sales practice and offers companies innovative opportunities for B2B sales. The term MetaSales covers sales processes in an already existing virtual world.

My partner, kreatiVRaum builds virtual twins of factory halls, machine parks or office complexes. Customers can use the lab modules to simulate work processes in virtual reality before they decide to buy. This offers enormous added value and facilitates planning and customer communication.

Optimizing the sales process with MetaTwins

A particularly impressive example of MetaSales is a project by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche. The company commissioned Waldner, a manufacturer of laboratory equipment, to supply the laboratory equipment for the new Roche Innovation Center in Basel. Since the Innovation Center had not yet been built, a scaled meta twin was made of three floors of the building – about 1,200 square meters of laboratory space.

Sales staff were then able to walk through the virtual lab with the pharmaceutical giant’s executives and present the virtual twins of their products directly on site. This works either via VR glasses, a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone. Users are given an avatar with which they can then walk through the rooms, change layouts or colors and operate the lab equipment, just like in a computer game. Lab technicians could simulate workflows in the small metaverse and give hints about which rooms they would like to see set up differently.

MetaSales: New ways for B2B sales

Another example is the walk-in online store. Customers can first try out and interact with machines, equipment or systems and other products in virtual space. This increases the emotional connection to the product enormously and makes shopping an experience that is not easily forgotten. If the customer likes a product, he or she can add it to the virtual shopping cart and order it in the future with a wave of the hand.

MetaSales gives an idea of how the metaverse can develop into the perfect showroom and walk-in online store for sales. With MetaSales, companies no longer just sell products – they tell stories that can be experienced and thus arouse emotions. Sales consultants are given even more opportunities to present and illustrate even complex products and processes through XR Customer Experience.

Startups and founders benefit from MetaSales

The advantages of MetaSales are obvious: companies can increase customer loyalty, improve efficiency and boost sales. By being able to virtually test and try out products in advance, customers can better assess whether the product meets their requirements. Bad purchases and returns can be avoided, which in turn saves time and money. Expensive prototypes are a thing of the past.

MetaSales thus opens up new avenues for B2B sales and offers companies the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. Sales consultants can offer their customers a unique experience and present products in a new way. By interacting with virtual twins, customers can better understand products and experience how they work.

The benefits of MetaSales for companies and customers.

This technology can also help speed up and streamline the sales process. By being able to hold virtual meetings and product presentations, salespeople can save time and travel costs while reaching potential customers who may be in a different location or even a different country.

The potential of MetaSales is enormous and can be leveraged across a variety of industries. From the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to the automotive and engineering sectors, there are numerous application areas where virtual twins can be used to optimize sales processes and increase customer loyalty.

Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur Ralf H. KOMOR, ist Executive Interim Manager auf C-Level, zertifizierter Beirat, Most Trusted Adviser für die Beratung von Familienunternehmen und Springer Autor. Er entwickelt neue Geschäftsmodelle und Vertriebsstrategien für Startups, Scaleups und den Mittelstand und begleitet aktiv Veränderungsprozesse in Menschen und Organisationen.

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