Digital Customer Acquisition: 5 Trends To Watch

5 Trends That Will Get Your More Customers

In this post you’re going to learn about key trends that will affect how you’ll get more new clients. We’ll cover four major trends in traffic and content. Each trend will help or hinder your digital client acquisition in the coming year.

In this article, you’re going to learn about key trends that will affect how you’ll get more new clientsf. We’ll cover four major trends in traffic and content. Each trend will help or hinder your digital client acquisition in the coming year.

Thing’s we’ll cover include:

  • An exciting new SEO opportunity (Thanks to Alexa, Siri & Cortana!)
  • Why your organic social media marketing isn’t working anymore
  • Why you need to create more video content
  • How influencer marketing will help you succeed
  • Blockchain technology (Is it a waste of time?)

All good? So Let’s get started!

1 – More Traffic From Voice Search

SEO has always been the foundation of successful digital client acquisition. But the next years will deliver a shock to the system.

Voice search options are becoming a significant part of all major search engines. Alexa, Siri, Cortana & Google Assistant are making search services super accessible. Artificial Intelligence helps search engines process different languages, accents, and dialects. But the real power of this technology is in how well it understands the context and meaning of a search query.

This isn’t easy. Voice queries tend to be longer and more complicated than their text counterparts. But Google, Apple, and Amazon are making it happen. Voice will become a healthy new traffic source for your client acquisition in the next years.

2 – Less Traffic From Organic Social Media

And this at a time when traffic flows from big social media platforms a grinding to a halt.

To put this in context, Facebook’s social media reach has been declining since 2014. Due to the fact that your page and posts are now competing for customer attention with paid ads. Facebook’s algorithm changes earlier this year limit the ‘organic’ reach of marketing content.

People see more content from friends and family than from marketers. Which is not a bad thing for businesses that are up for a challenge. And Facebook isn’t alone. Twitter has allegedly been ‘shadow-banning’ accounts for years. YouTube is demonetizing small, niche channels. It’s likely that this trend will speed up. This means that you’re likely to see a drop in traffic from organic social media content.

How to keep the leads coming into your funnel needs to be on your agenda for the coming year.

3 – Video Content Is Up And Coming

If you’re feeling a little down after reading the last paragraph, don’t! Video content and Influencer Marketing provide awesome client acquisition opportunities going forward. In fact, video content has been the secret of successful digital marketing for some time now.

Facebook and Co. seem to give greater reach and visibility to video content. Why? It’s simple…

Social media networks earn their money through advertising. The longer users stay on their platform (or in their apps) the more adverts they see. Which translates into more money for the network.

Video drives user retention. On Facebook, video content is a whopping 400% more effective than text-based posts. This is why this type of content is a reward with greater reach and visibility. So if you’re looking to get more customers, use more video.

4 – While Influencer Marketing Becomes Critical

Influencers are also becoming more and more important. Traffic from social media isn’t only dropping off because of algorithm changes.

People don’t trust social media as they did in the past. Political hacking and privacy scandals have taken their toll. In a world of fake news and spam, people are looking for authentic content from sources they can trust. Personal brands have never been more popular. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube Vloggers or Instagram Fashionistas. Influencer marketing is in.

Is ‘borrowed’ credibility the only way to reach out to your marketing? No, but it is a shortcut. There is still room for smaller brands to step up and serve as thought leaders in their industries. But keep in mind building credibility takes time. A reputation for integrity isn’t built overnight.

This is why you need to have a clear plan if you’re going to use influencer marketing to get more customers.

5 – Why Blockchain Technology Won’t Power Your Marketing

Now that Bitcoin mania is over we can have another look at blockchain technology.

Yes, the technology holds amazing promise. But it’s far from ready for everyday use in most SMEs. This is unlikely to change any time soon. The biggest future application of blockchain involves safe, transparent payments and ‘unbreakable’ contracts. Using cryptocurrency as an alternative payment channel makes sense, in theory. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, offer the dream of safe, instant payments at ultra-low fees. To anyone in the world. But 2021/2022 has shown that ‘crypto’ is not ready for everyday use.

Regardless of what its fans might claim, Governments and Banks have the final say. Without support from the formal banking system, cryptocurrency remains a pipe dream. Attracting customers to your business using cryptocurrency is a niche market for now. A more practical application of blockchain tech lies in smart digital contracts. The idea is to digitize traditional contracts. All by using a self-executing code that guarantees delivery if certain preconditions are met. This would reduce the need for lawyers, reducing the barriers to doing business.

Fewer barriers create less friction. Which makes customer acquisition easier and less stressful for everyone.

PS: Now that you know the 5 key trends that will get you more customers, you might also be interested in our next article. In the next article, we’ll cover 2 key metrics you need to know about in order to take your digital marketing funnel to the next level.

Bertrand Blancheton ist ein Digitaler Marketer der sein Handwerk als Marketing Manager und Unternehmer in der digitalen Welt erlernte. Für seine Arbeit wurde Bertrand schon mehrere male als Vordenker und ‚Top Swiss Influencer‘ anerkannt. Als Gründer der Digital Marketing Agentur «Swiss Digital Marketers» hilft er Schweizer KMUs durch sein Digital Marketing Blog und automatisierte Kundenakquisition Systeme zum online Erfolg.

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