Digital Selling with LinkedIn – How to be more successful

Digital Selling and the LinkedIn Social Platform as a good combination

LinkedIn may seem like your basic social networking site, but for jobs – however, many do not realize that with the right marketing strategy that this platform inherits a lot of potential

LinkedIn may seem like your basic social networking site, but for jobs – however, many do not realize that with the right marketing strategy that this platform inherits a lot of potentials. LinkedIn can be used as a powerful tool to increase your digital sales. Whether you’re attempting to do this through a personal profile or a company page, there are several tips we provide throughout the course of this article to help you grow your personal brand and increase your digital sales using the platform.

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How to use your profile to build your LinkedIn following

One of the most important aspects of the site is having connections – connections are, often, how you are most likely to be discovered on this platform. Many individuals use the website to search for jobs or search for employees – however, what many fail to realize is that it can be used to research companies and products as well. In fact, the website developers have developed specific tools that can be used to do exactly that. By understanding exactly how the site works and how other individuals may use it, you will be able to drastically increase your overall digital sales.

The most important part of using this social media platform to increase digital sales, of course, is knowing how to use your profile. When you do a quick internet search, there are thousands of guides on how best to do this – however, many of these guides are written for individuals attempting to market themselves as a potential employee. It is far more difficult to find the kind of information necessary for understanding how to use the website as a selling platform.

To begin with, however, it is important to have a strong profile – whether that profile is your personal profile or a professional, business profile. The first step to being successful with this type of platform is having connections – often, starting with individuals you know. You can connect with individuals from previous educational institutions, with individuals from past jobs, through volunteer activities, or even personal references. These connections help develop your overall following on the site and will allow more users to potentially discover you and your brand.

Making sure that your profile is well-developed is important, too – having a strong headliner, company information, and a professional headshot on your profile all increase your chances of being found more successfully. We recommend having a headliner that provides anyone who happens upon your page with an impression of who you are, and what you do, and what services or products you offer. Writing a strong headliner is one of the most important aspects of social selling – in the internet age, indeed, a person will likely lose interest if their attention isn’t captured within the first 30 seconds.

This is why it is exceptionally important to have developed a strong profile that is representative of your personal brand. Within the first 30 seconds of having viewed your page, you will want to capture your audience’s attention. Furthermore, you want to develop the connections necessary to allow others to find your page more easily. We recommend utilizing Advanced Search for this, as it allows you to appear in more search results.

Another important part of using your profile to develop your personal brand and increase your social sales is by using the function the site provides called Sales Navigator. This particular function is specifically designed for social selling and allows you to track individuals who may be interested in your product, save potential leads, and find out whom you are connected with who has connections with your personal leads.

How to develop your LinkedIn content

Once you have the attention of any potential leads or of an individual who may be interested in your product, you want to ensure they stay interested. This is why having a well-developed feed on your profile is vastly important. The content you post to your feed will engage individuals and inspire them – and may directly lead to sales.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the type of content you have makes people interested in you and your product. Top experts recommend that to the best use the platform for this purpose, you want to post content – such as a status update – at least 2 to 3 times a day. This shows that your profile is active and that you are investing time and energy into your profile, and allows you to spend time marketing yourself and developing your brand.

Posting status updates at the beginning and end of your working day allow individuals to follow your work progress and gain an understanding of what you are doing, what you are producing, and what value it has. We recommend you discuss the highlights of your projects, as well as any social, personal, or economic impacts they may have. Typically, you want to keep it from sounding too sales-y, but you want to use these updates to market yourself.

Including information on the impacts, you and your products have had may help inspire people. For instance, posting a status update regarding the services you provide and how they positively impacted your community will inspire individuals to investigate you and your product further – as individuals can research you and your company on this platform as easily as you can research others.

This is why creating content to be posted to your feed is so important – we feel as though it is an undervalued feature on the site. Content generation helps attract connections and bring understanding to you and your brand.

How to increase engagement and involvement

Once you had a strong profile and content that will keep the interest of individuals who may come across you or your brand, it is important to keep them engaged and see to it that they feel the need to become involved. Several tools help provide an understanding of engagement levels, as well as who views your profile regularly. Understanding your profile traffic will help you gauge how often and when you should be posting content, as well as help you market yourself.

One of the many ways you can increase the traffic to your profile and see to it that individuals are involved with you and your page is through joining groups. Groups, to some, are somewhat overrated and obnoxious. However, they can be a valuable marketing tool that we strongly recommend you use. With groups, you may be able to find individuals who would be interested in you and your products with ease. Furthermore, you can create a group to bring individuals you feel would be interested in your products together, which is an effective selling strategy.

Another way you can increase the engagement for your brand is through using Pulse. Pules is a publishing platform the social network uses to allow individuals to post content. In posting content, you can market your brand – whether it is by posting a blog post about your company, or providing valuable information for your industry. This can help attract people to your products, furthermore, it can assist in educating and interesting people in your brand when you provide helpful insight into an important topic.

Ultimately, the best ways to improve your overall engagement and involvement on the website are similar to that of any social networking site – it is all about ensuring that you are active, and you are posting content that others would find relevant. Utilizing tools such as keywords and phrases that will bring awareness to your brand as a whole may also be important to your overall success with digital marketing on the website itself.

… it is all about ensuring that you are active, and you are posting content that others would find relevant …

Get started with your LinkedIn today!

With these three steps, you will easily be able to utilize the social, job networking site to ensure that you are marketing yourself to the public in new and interesting ways. With the tools already offered by the website, in combination with ensuring that your profile is updated, and you are consistently posting engaging content, as well as interacting with the community to which your business belongs, you will find that you can successfully increase your total number of sales regularly.

It is important to use these skills, as well as similar marketing strategies if you want to use the website to increase your sales. While this guide is not a one size fits all solution to marketing issues, we hope that you find it helpful in your attempts to grow as a business.

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