Understanding digital visibility and building it yourself

Why is digital visibility important and how can you become digitally visible?

If you can’t be seen, you can’t receive requests because no one knows that person or company even exists.

If you are an entrepreneur, you depend on customers. Without customers, you will not be able to generate sales. In order for customers to buy from you, it is imperative that they know you exist. If they don’t, they can’t benefit from you and your great service or products at all.

So that means if you don’t have visibility, you don’t exist in the market. How could you? If you didn’t know morethandigital existed, you wouldn’t be able to read this or any other post on this platform. Therefore, it is important that your customers know about you.

5 good reasons why digital visibility is so important.

Even before the Corona pandemic, it was important. And right now, in Corona time, it’s also important to take care of your digital visibility and give it some thought.

1. No visibility, no sales

If you are not visible, you do not exist for the customer. This has not been true since digitization, but has always been true. This is why marketing exists. Through marketing, you draw attention to yourself. You show that you exist, that you have a certain product or service and therefore an offer. You show that you can help a specific target group with this offer.

If you want to grow with your business, then it is incredibly important that you become digitally visible. Through digital visibility, you will have the opportunity for your potential customers to get to know about you. And through this, the right prospects can approach you and take up your offer if it is suitable for them.

Due to the increasing digital visibility, the demand increases if the offer is relevant for your target group, which in turn increases your sales. For this very reason, companies like Facebook and Google, which function as nothing more than a platform for advertising, are worth billions today.

2. Digitalization is advancing strongly

At the latest with the launch of the Internet for the general population and the first browser by Tim Berners Lee in 1993, digitization was fueled more. This made it possible to access content all over the world. At that time only a fraction of what exists today. This was later supported by the appearance of DSL and thus the higher bandwidths, which offered even more possibilities.

Google recognized the opportunity and quickly took over the dominance of the online world. Amazon was also founded at this early time (1994), because Jeff Bezos also saw numerous opportunities. Netflix (founded in 1997) wanted to revolutionize the TV market and was able to expand its supremacy dramatically in recent years. In 2008, the first smartphone was released by Apple, revolutionizing the cell phone market.

And from then on, at the latest, digitization progressed even faster. The cloud, social media such as Facebook (founded in 2009), YouTube (founded in 2005) and several more have also recognized these opportunities. More and more companies and individuals saw this opportunity and can now benefit from first-mover or disrupter status. All of these companies – and a few more – took advantage of digital visibility from hour 0, where it was still almost unnecessary, at least in terms of reach. From a positioning standpoint, it was a stroke of genius.

The final big push came with the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, many companies were able to implement processes and other things in a very short time, so they became more digital. Home offices, video calls and other things of collaboration using digital capabilities were now viewed very differently. And some companies discovered digital visibility for themselves as a result.

3. Processes more analyzable

Digital visibility, or rather digital collaboration, means that processes can be better analyzed. This refers primarily to those processes that benefit from digital visibility. These include marketing opportunities as well as sales processes. Because these can be defined, analyzed and optimized much more clearly and better.

But not only that, other processes, such as collaboration, customer communication, customer support, etc., can also be improved thanks to digitalization. Those who use digital visibility to their advantage can, for example, structure sales processes completely differently. Customer support can also be realized via Twitter, for example. Various companies are already using this approach very successfully.

4. Less wastage

Anyone who advertises via TV, radio or in newspapers is initially pleased about the large reach that is promised. The problem with advertising via TV, radio or newspaper is that the coverage loss is very high.

TV advertising is only worthwhile for those who have a large budget. Then the result via TV advertising can be measured only conditionally well. You don’t know how many users actually took up your offer because of the TV advertising.

In addition, the scattering loss is far too high. Because, when the advertisement is aired, many people see this. A large part of these will probably not be your target group. Thus, the biggest piece of the pie is wasted. Also, you can’t retarget those who watched your ad in its entirety on TV.

Video ads on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, however, you can accurately analyze and retarget those who have watched 60, 80 or 100% of the video. You can also target your audience, which is relevant to you, much better digitally and respond faster.

The same is true for radio. In the newspaper, your ad is often lost. And for the price, you can invest your advertising on digital platforms or it in your digital visibility much better. However, TV and radio advertising for branding and increasing awareness can be helpful.

5. More possibilities

Digitization has, of course, created more opportunities. So you can use this also for your marketing activities. More possibilities because you can target your audience very precisely, you immediately see the results if and how they react to your advertising, texts, images, videos etc.. You can get them back (remarketing) and you can even get free traffic if you optimize your website regarding SEO or use other free marketing opportunities.

Moreover, you can respond to reactions faster and you can interact with your target audience in the first place, get to know them better and offer your products and services. Accurate tracking helps you optimize your results.

You can automate certain processes so that you can save time. The savings effects go even further. You can also save money in marketing and achieve even better results. The possibilities have grown considerably due to digitalization.

How do you become digitally visible now?

If you want to increase your digital visibility or become digitally visible in the first place, there are several options. Check which social media your target group is represented on. Then you should optimize your profile on the social networks. This means a nice and professional photo, a good and fitting description of your profile and field of activity and a positioning, if you don’t have one yet. Furthermore, it is important that you think about a marketing strategy and then carry it out step by step.

That means, if you know your target group, create an editorial plan based on this information. In other words, which topics are relevant for your target group? And for this, you create the appropriate content so that you can organically get more reach.

If you want faster results, you can use paid advertising to get them. For this, you need to know your target audience accordingly well. Because, you have to define them when creating the paid advertising. With a suitable text and image or video you can convey your message to your target group accordingly and appeal to them.

When the interested people reach your site, they can – depending on the process – either purchase a product directly or book an appointment with you. This is where your strategy matters.

Interviews, website, blog, podcast, social media, YouTube and more all help you gain digital visibility and reach.

Conclusion on digital visibility

In summary, digital visibility is a very important tool in today’s world. Especially because you have less wastage and you can monitor and analyze the results much better and more accurately, as well as optimize your activities for this. If you do too little or nothing for your digital visibility today, you should not be surprised if the competition overtakes you.

Because, as I said at the beginning, if you’re not visible to your customers, they can’t buy anything from you.

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