Attention: AI tsunami warning for the business world!

A huge wave of AI applications is coming our way.

It’s high time to prepare the surfboard. So that your company doesn’t sink and benefits from the AI wave.

The AI giant wave consists of tools from the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data, or MAD for short. Every year, there is an overview of this in the MAD Landscape. An overview that becomes more extensive every year. To be precise, it has increased tenfold since 2012. From an initial 140 tools, the current overview comprises over 1400. 1400 tools from which companies can benefit. Especially to swim away from the competition.

High time to prepare for this in the best possible way. But what can companies do that still have too little experience with digital transformation? Companies where the lack of experience could cause investments to fail. Especially since many transformation projects come to nothing.

The answer is: the best possible preparation to minimize the risk of the subsequent digital transformation. And it usually doesn’t take that much at all. Make a virtue out of necessity. Especially in two areas. Certification in quality management and the implementation of data protection requirements.

First step: Know your processes

Processes are usually the most important basis for changes, optimizations or realignments in a company. It is therefore all the more incomprehensible that many entrepreneurs regard certifications in the area of quality management as a necessary evil. “The main thing is to be certified somehow” is largely the motto with which customer expectations are met.

Change your objectives and benefit from the next round of certification, also in your company. Get a good quality manager on board. One who seeks the expertise of employees to find the right balance between standards and process freedom. Give the quality management system the necessary attention and priority. Because this will give you the right process map with which to continue the journey.

Second step: Organize your data

Processes generate one thing above all. Data. And every company can benefit from data. If it knows what data is available and what it is used for. Collecting data indiscriminately doesn’t help anyone. Not even data protection.

So why not derive a data management approach from the requirements of the GDPR that a company must fulfill? It really makes sense to use the required data economy to your advantage. Get an overview, categorize it, and derive possible analyses. Those who create added value with data can also prove their necessity.

Third step: Discover your potential

Outsiders must first perform an ACTUAL analysis to uncover your company’s potential. Most of the time, they grope in the dark and slowly move forward at best. At best, if the budget is right. If they want to move faster, they grab the first best thing and start the project from that point. Cheaper in the short term, usually a disaster in the long term.

Therefore, the better you have done the first two steps, the better you can identify your potential. And that is worth its weight in gold. Now you can apply the lever in the right place to move the most with little effort. But would you rather hire an outsider? Then your preparation ensures that the consultant enters a brightly lit room and has the ACTUAL state clearly in front of his eyes. A complete process map, clear processes and meaningful data structures. The best foundations for successfully launching AI projects.

This saves time, money and minimizes the risk of failing with new change in the company. Don’t close your eyes to the numerous AI tools available. Get active and prepare your surfboard to ride the new giant wave in the best possible way.

Angefangen im Bergbau, erlebte er hautnah, wie eine ganze Branche in Deutschland ausstarb. Seitdem lebt er mit dem festen Vorsatz, die Zukunft aktiv mitzugestalten. Heute begleitet er Forschungs- und Förderprojekte als wissenschaftlicher Referent beim DLR Projektträger mit dem Themenschwerpunkt KI.

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