10 Tips for Referral Marketing – Leveraging Untapped Potential

Valuation marketing is often untapped as a potential with online reviews. Why is that?

Contrary to some expectations, buyers are more likely to give a review when they are dissatisfied with the product or service than when they have a good experience. Why is that?

Companies and brands that have built up a good online reputation are at the forefront here. User reviews make a significant contribution to this. But as a study by Capterra recently found out, there is still a lot of room for improvement in review and reputation management in most companies.

Customers are more likely to rate when they are dissatisfied?

Contrary to some expectations, buyers are more likely to give a review when they are dissatisfied with the product or service than when they have a good experience. Why is that?

For the most part, emotions boil up first when customers leave negative feedback online…. Often the first reaction is an initial impulsive feeling and spontaneous thought.

Mostly it has nothing to do with the product or the offer itself, but rather with the temporary life situation of the buyer/customer. He had an incident, stress at work or family or possibly really the second or third time a supposedly “bad experience” with a product.

One in four customers changes their negative review to a positive one when the seller shows a reaction.

Appreciate. Always!

No matter how much you resent criticism or the customer, a review is always a new perspective and opportunity for dialogue.

The problem is that customers who have had a negative experience are more likely to post a review than those who have had a positive experience. Visible to potential customers, therefore, are a relatively large number of bad posts. In addition, prospective customers often look at the negative reviews more closely than the positive ones. The viral network effects distort the image of your services. Opinions can spread quickly on the web, both positive and negative.

Response sparse to negative online reviews

Currently, only one-third of site operators respond to negative online reviews. Companies urgently need to take action here. After all, nine out of ten users research a particular product on a review portal before buying it and are influenced by the reviews.

Only one-third of site operators respond to negative online reviews

Relevance of positive ratings

Three out of five respondents see customer ratings as fundamentally relevant in connection with purchasing decisions. Particularly in order to compare the offer with that of the competition, many customers trust the information from rating portals. Against this background in particular, studies clearly show that providers should respond to negative reviews.

If the provider manages to convert negative comments into a good rating, a positive image can be built up – an important building block for recommendation marketing. A decisive criterion for a brand. Because the flip side makes it clear: Almost four out of five potential new customers are deterred from buying by bad reviews.

10 actions for better online reviews

  1. Appreciate the review and thank them.
  2. Do not be defensive, offended or insulted.
  3. Explain (if possible) what you are doing to solve the problem.
  4. Resolve the issues best offline.
  5. Respond via private message to resolve issues.
  6. Reduce complaints by doing a good job.
  7. Get feedback after each process: Was this helpful to you?
  8. Tailor it to your business, for example, “How helpful was this consultation for you?”
  9. Listen carefully to the response and thank them for it.
  10. Thank the reviewer, because feedback can make you better.
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