Wabi Sabi & The digital order

What does the Japanese trend towards purism and digital order have in common?

We will show how the Japanese trend Wabi Sabi towards purism can also help to bring order to analog and digital. So they can organize themselves.

Do you already know Wabi Sabi? The trend to purism comes from Japan and is supposed to help us to perceive other things better by doing without superfluous things. A glance at the desk or into the “all sorts of” drawers is usually enough to understand what the followers* are enthusiastic about Wabi Sabi. Chaos and disorder simply don’t make you happy, but a freshly tidied cupboard does. So finally get to the mess!

We’ve put together five tips on how to overcome chaos and bring order back into your life:

1. 4-case mucking out

A clear goal in mind is important for basic mucking out. Never start several clean-up projects at the same time. It is better to start with the closet, then the drawer in the kitchen or the shoe cupboard in the basement.

Most important rule: High-Heels or sneakers not used for 12 months? Then get rid of them!

For larger projects, the 4-crate muck-out helps:

Box 1: What do I really want to keep?
Box 2: Not to keep? – What else has value for others (sale/gift/donate)?
Box 3: Unsure? Temporary storage in the cellar.
Box 4: Get rid of it! If things from crates 1 and 3 have not been used for a year, put them in crate 4!

2. Let go

It is difficult to separate objects when feelings are attached to them, e.g. heirlooms, gifts from loved ones or valuable things. Then they have no practical value for us, but they somehow belong to our life. In this case there are two possibilities: Clear a cupboard or drawer for very personal valuables or give the good pieces to close persons who are happy about them. With less valuable things, a jolt can help and the good piece ends up in box 4.

3. Stowage with system

The best prerequisite for a feeling of pleasant order can already be a sophisticated traffic jam system. If everything important has its fixed place, drawers and compartments are not stuffed to the brim and the shelves are clearly assigned (cables, keys, socks), then you can save a lot of time by unnecessary searching. By the way, this also applies to important documents, which often end up in an unorganized collection box. Who already once desperately the Handy contract looked for and then determines that one missed stupidly the notice date around one week, which knows that that can cost not only time, but also money. For the first presorting of files, for example, folders with color systems are a good idea.

4. Sort important things digitally – Digital order

An overview not only makes it easier to live, but also to work better. Occupational psychologists agree that a structured environment can improve concentration and thus also the results. That means: Put it down! But if you’re not a fan of filing, punching and filing, you can set up your own system on online platforms digitally via online file folders. After the digital inventory of all subscriptions, accounts and contracts, all important data can then be found in one place. This also means more space and a better overview in the office cabinet, and the piles of paper finally disappear – creating order for all digital and analog matters.

5. Death Cleaning

Sounds scary, but it helps a lot in the fight against chaos and disorder. Cleaning up for eternity” works according to the following principle: Live and reside always in such a way that your survivors will have no trouble in case of your death! The idea behind it: He who always keeps his home and his life orderly profits from it even during his lifetime. No worries about the future, no superfluous stuff that ties or blocks. The “Death Cleansing” is thus an appeal to a “life in the here & now”: Reflect on what is really important to you and free yourself from everything else.

Author: Jörg Schädlich – CFO and Co-Founder – memoresa GmbH

Behalte den Überblick und regle Dein digitales Leben: memoresa ist die Online-Plattform für die Dokumentation und Verwaltung wichtiger Dokumente – für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Accounts, Konten, Versicherungen, Verträge und Verfügungen können einfach, flexibel und sicher über digitale Schließfächer organisiert und Vertrauenspersonen festgelegt werden, die darauf Zugriff erhalten können.

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