Telegram Channels: The easiest and most effective newsletter!

How to build a newsletter with Telegram that also converts?

Telegram channels are one of the simplest newsletter options that can be run with little time investment but tremendous results. In a few months it is possible to have built up a 4-5 digit subscriber list, ensuring permanent reach for comparatively little work. This saves up to 6-figure advertising budgets in the medium term and offers new possibilities for scaling.

Newsletter marketing has to be easy! – Most companies spend a lot of time, too much time in their marketing, looking for the latest trends, the best agency or the best trick. All these things are also good and important in the whole concept, but if certain basics are not right, the whole thing is useless! Marketing has to be there for YOUR business, not you for marketing!

What you really need are simple strategies that fit your everyday life and can be implemented efficiently. One of them I would like to introduce to you today – Telegram! (app link)

Newsletter with a difference – Telegram channels

Yes, you heard right, the app Telegram offers not only technically good messenger services, but also very simple newsletter functions.

Within 5 minutes you can open your own Telegram channel and get started. And it’s just as easy to use!

A small text, voice message or video is enough to perform well on Telegram.

Optimal content for Telegram

The expectation of users on Telegram is not as high as that on YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Here, the content counts more than the packaging. An optimal broadcast usually consists of a voice message, a headline (headline) for it, a description of 2-3 sentences and their channellink (invite link for their channel). Done. Depending on the topic, this is an effort of about 15 minutes. Have you ever experienced such a simple newsletter?

The view rates (clicks on their sent messages) are also exceptionally high here. Good Telegram channels can achieve click-through rates of up to 70% with 15 minutes of effort!

Of course, it’s important to be a certain etiquette here too, but on Telegram you score a lot of points with authenticity!

Telegram is still perceived as an “alternative medium” and is also the “frame”. When users join their channel, they expect expert content and not high-end production, that’s why a newsetter here is good for spontaneous messages.

I often hear, “Mr. Brinker all well and good, I can run everything with little effort, but how do I gain as many subscribers as possible and what monetizations does that offer me?”

The effort for the setup

One way to save yourself a lot of time and money is to have target group owner partners. These are people with a similar expertise as you, but who have already built a community and can thus support you in your project.

For example you are a portfolio advisor and there is a tax advisor with a great newsletter, YouTube or best of all Telegram channel, then this would be a target audience owner partner.

Of course, you need to provide value to him so that he supports you and also publishes their content in his community.

Here I recommend them that you interview their target group owner partner and do the work around it, so that he only has to appear, but you prepare the questions, take care of the editing of the video and the post-processing.

Sound like a lot of work? If you gain 678 new subscribers in one day or with one interview all at once, does that still sound like a lot of work? Let alone what it will save them in advertising budget!

Exploit the newsletter potential

If you repeat this process over and over again, you can build up a 4-5 digit subscriber list in a few months.

Then, when the threshold of 1000+ subscribers is overcome, you can slowly start monetizing the channel. Here I would recommend them 2 ways:

  1. “Push” content on social media
  2. Webinar announcements

To 1) Admit, this is not a direct monetization, but an indirect one. If you attach your YouTube video, LinkedIn post or other content after a piece of content for further information, you can drastically increase the number of views and thus your visibility for free and with no additional effort. With the right marketing process, this also leads to more inquiries or newsletter subscribers.

To 2) The more and better content you reveal in your channel, the more you ask your subscribers the question how they can profit from your expertise. And this is where a webinar comes in handy, where you summarize the most important content of your channel, add to it, round it off and thus arrive at the logical solution, namely your offer.

The effect

This simple process allows you to build a newsletter and community in a short time with 0€ advertising budget, with which you can push your social media posts at any time and present your offers smart to your warmed up target group.

More options on Telegram

If you later want to take your Telegram channel to the “next level”, you can do this with “Telegram bots”. This is a service from Telegram to schedule and edit your posts even better. You can set the publishing time, add a comment function to your post and add ratings (similar to Facebook) or even edit longer messages in an appealing way.

Conclusion – Telegram channels as a newsletter tool

Of course, even a Telegram channel is not the holy grail, but it can be a building block for it. With a little acquisition effort for the required target group owners and the relevant expert content, you can easily scale your business and advertising presence.

Of course there are more of such strategies and I advise you to do exactly that. Reach does not always have to be achieved with a lot of advertising budget, but can also work in a very simple way with the right plan.

    Ich helfe Experten dabei sich mit zeitsparenden und effektiven Methoden ihre Sichtbarkeit auf Social-Media aufzubauen und zu skalieren. Du investierst immer wieder hohe Beträge in Werbeanzeigen oder verbringst stundenlang Dein Posting zu schreiben? Das muss nicht sein! Mach Dein Marketing Smart und nicht Hart.

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