The secret trick of the halo effect on LinkedIn

Exploit the HALO effects on social media and LinkedIn

What is the secret trick of social media? The halo effect could be an effective effect that can be used on LinkedIn & Co. Here is an introduction incl. instructions for Neuro Avatar Hacking.

Why the halo effect has a big impact on LinkedIn

We humans have an incredible ability to subconsciously associate things with each other and let that influence our judgment. Imagine you visit a website and it looks just awful. Immediately, your heart beats faster and a feeling of disappointment spreads through you, as you think to yourself, “If the website looks that bad, the service can’t be any good.” The halo effect is such a powerful force in our lives. But you know what? By being aware of the Halo Effect, you have the power to upgrade your products or services by making sure they are presented in a visually appealing way without making a single change to the product or service itself. This is truly liberating and empowering. The important thing is that you understand the customer in depth so that you can use the effect efficiently. For this, I recommend Neuro Avatar Hacking.

Halo effect briefly explained

The halo effect is not just a mere psychological phenomenon, but a power that influences how we perceive the world around us. It is the kind of power that makes us see a person or a product in a new light just because we have positively evaluated something else. In marketing, this power is used to improve the perception of products and brands. When a well-known actor promotes a car, it can cause us to perceive the car as more luxurious and high-end, even though it may not be. The halo effect can also lead us to judge someone as intelligent, successful, and likable simply because he or she is attractive. It is a reminder that our judgment is not always objective and we should always remain vigilant.

HALO effect on the perception of a personality
HALO effect on the perception of a personality – Graphic: Fabian Helfenstein

How can you leverage the halo effect on LinkedIn for your personal brand?

Here you have some examples:

  • Pictures of successful people: Upload pictures that show successful personalities (without it looking like a fan photo) and people will subconsciously think that you are successful and famous too.
  • Wallpapers: Consciously choose background images that convey what you want. If you want to share wealth, use luxurious backgrounds. If you want to show your expert status, show yourself on stages with hundreds of people.
  • LinkedIn cover photo: Add an image that you want to embody. For example, if you want to show performance and quality, you can add a Porsche image. If you want to appear more human, add a family photo.
  • High quality images: Use high quality images that make you or your product look more attractive and likeable. It is recommended to work with a photographer for this.

Attention here there is also a danger…

If you want to exploit the halo effect for your brand, make sure you stay authentic and don’t tell lies! Honest representation is the key to success, so avoid exaggerating your brand or products at all costs. The halo effect is the secret boss when representing your brand or business on LinkedIn. If you do it right, you can manipulate your target audience’s subconscious and convince them that you or your product are the absolute bomb.

But be careful: it’s a fine line between brilliant marketing and window dressing. Make sure you stay authentic and don’t resort to exaggerated statements. But if you’re brave and know how to do it, the halo effect can catapult your brand to new heights!

How Neuro Linguistic Content Uses the HALO Effect

Successful social media managers successfully use the HALO effect in neuro linguistic content by telling metaphors and stories. These always have to do with topics and people they associate with success. For example, you could explain how your product works in a metaphor about the function of a Rolex. Or I could explain that my product is built in such a way that every single part is needed to make the Lamborghini run successfully and everyone who uses the product achieves their goal with joy, fun and efficiency. This makes the product subconsciously associated with a Lamborghini and must be seen as valuable and fun.

Helpful questions for this

  • How can you use the halo effect to your advantage?
  • What actions do you plan to implement next?
  • To what extent has this article helped you?
  • What other mistakes have you made so far?
Fabian Helfenstein ist der Entwickler von Neuro Linguistic Content er hilft Social Media Manager, Marketingleitern und Geschäftsführern, wie sie mit Content Marketing alle unterbewussten Glaubenssätze verändern können. Dies ermöglicht es, die 80% der potenziellen Kunden zugewinnen, die jetzt noch denken, sie brauchen die Dienstleistung/Produkt nicht. Sein Fokus liegt auf der Psychologie in der Kombination zu Social Media als Basis für erfolgreiches Social Media Marketing. Trotz seines jungen Alters gewinnt er schon seit über 10 Jahren Kunden über Social Media und darf Firmen erfolgreicher machen.

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