Neuro Avatar Hacking – Customer Avatar of the Future

Neuro Avatar Hacking the Future of the Customer Avatar?

A normal customer avatar is no longer enough to be successful these days. To get truly useful information, marketing teams need to dig deeper into customers’ minds and needs.

Why a normal customer avatar is no longer enough?

A normal customer avatar is no longer enough to be successful these days. To get truly useful information, marketing teams need to delve deeper into the customer’s mind and needs. This requires answering questions that go beyond the obvious and into the customer’s subconscious. Only then can they understand the customer’s actual reality and successfully deliver their product or service.

Most then ask themselves these superficial questions:

  • Where does the dream client live?
  • How old is the dream client?
  • Where is the dream customer?
  • What words does he use?
  • What does his day look like?

Most of them scratch the surface, and the questions don’t really bring much. That’s where it’s essential to go deeper.

Marketing teams usually go deeper with the following questions:

  • What are his greatest fears?
  • What are his needs?
  • What goes through the client’s mind every night before he sleeps?
  • What pain points does he experience every day?

As a rule, most companies provide superficial answers to the questions asked. Some superficially interpret their answers and hope they are correct.

CAUTION: When you ask customers, they will usually give only superficial answers from the 5% consciousness. Therefore, it is important to go deeper and find the true answer. You may always go deeper.

Only those who have the subconscious answer possess the usable answer.

How do I really go in depth?

The real experts on the market really go into depth and don’t settle for the first answer right away. They are aware that a strong customer avatar saves a lot of time in the future and gives much better results. The stronger the foundation the higher it can go. To get the usable answers, they ask the following questions:

  • What is the reality of the customer?
  • What are his deep buying blocks about the product / service?
  • What are the deep fears behind the fears?
  • What are the neuro avatar systems?
  • What are the global beliefs about the world?

What are Neuro Avatar systems?

Neuro Avatar Systems are subconscious behavior patterns of people which can be used in marketing. They are behavior patterns that people have when they are in stressful situations or act unconsciously. These Neuro Avatar Systems, can be used particularly well to bring readers to an action. Each target group has different neuro avatar systems and these can be used. A method that is still too much underestimated today. Neuro Avatar Systems is a part of Neuro Linguistic Content and is a powerful tool to get more Call to Actions.

A customer avatar is much more than just a piece of paper!

The better you know your dream customer avatar, the faster and more effective you can write your posts. Since we all make decisions with 95% of our subconscious, we automatically choose the better words when creating content.

Who has developed Neuro Avatar hacking?

Neuro Avatar Hacking was developed at that time for Neuro Linguistic Content (abbreviated NLC). It is a content type which was built to release subconscious beliefs/blockages. So that all readers who still think they need the service do not realize the need.

Helpful questions

  1. What effect could it have if you write posts faster without making any effort?
  2. What would it mean if you automatically attract more dream clients without changing much?
  3. What other area could you save time in if you hate more clarity on dream clients?
Fabian Helfenstein ist der Entwickler von Neuro Linguistic Content er hilft Social Media Manager, Marketingleitern und Geschäftsführern, wie sie mit Content Marketing alle unterbewussten Glaubenssätze verändern können. Dies ermöglicht es, die 80% der potenziellen Kunden zugewinnen, die jetzt noch denken, sie brauchen die Dienstleistung/Produkt nicht. Sein Fokus liegt auf der Psychologie in der Kombination zu Social Media als Basis für erfolgreiches Social Media Marketing. Trotz seines jungen Alters gewinnt er schon seit über 10 Jahren Kunden über Social Media und darf Firmen erfolgreicher machen.

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