Influencer Marketing – What is it and what’s the point?

What does influencer marketing mean and how can you use this for your own marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important in the age of digital media. More and more companies and brands are using advertising with these social media role models. What it is and what it’s all about, you’ll learn in this article.

Influencer marketing – a term that has been used a lot lately. But what does it actually mean? Who is an “Influencer” and why should you bother as a company and entrepeneur about all those influencers?

Influencer marketing as a new opportunity

Digitalization is in full swing and it affects us all. No matter if young or old. However, digitalization enables us to do so much – we just need to recognize this digital potential and rise to the challenge. Through digitalization, we have the chance to create revolutionary business models and therefore more efficient business. Digital marketing is more important than ever. This term covers marketing measures that are used online. Various marketing instruments and methods are used here. Digital marketing focuses on the new media. And this is exactly where influencer marketing comes into play.

Media such as television, radio and newspapers are on the decline. Of course, these are still important media – no question about that. But the world is ruled by social media. Click numbers are the new currency. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat – it’s hard to imagine life without these channels. Here, the user is taken along in real time. The stars let their fans share their lives. They are more private than ever. And that’s just one reason why social media is so incredibly interesting for society. First and foremost, of course, for young people – the most important consumers. They are born into this digital world. On social media, they find out: what is my role model doing right now? What do they think is cool? What products is he currently using?

Stars as role models

However, these “role models” are no longer just musicians or actors, but also YouTubers and bloggers. All of these public figures are called influencers. Through their reach on the numerous social media platforms, they reach a great many people. A certain power that pays off. They are used as testimonials, do advertising for various products and of course get paid for it. The fee is calculated by the number of clicks on the post. Bloggers like Caro Daur or Novalanalove have coined the term influencer marketing. They do nothing other than advertising and that on their own social media channels. They test products, carry certain brands and take vacations for various travel companies.

How do you get influencers?

There are now numerous companies, such as ReachHero, that specialize in influencer marketing. They mediate between the customer and the influencer. The influencer can decide for himself whether the product or brand is suitable for him. If he or she decides to do so, the conditions are discussed and the product placement takes place. What was classic TV advertising until a few years ago, with elaborate and incredibly expensive spots, is now influencer marketing. The customers reach, without much effort, exactly the target group that is relevant for their product. A clever strategy, which is definitely becoming more and more important.

In any case, it is recommended to have a clear picture of the customers. So-called customer personas can help. Here, you create a virtual image of a customer and look for the right influencers who would appeal to him. In order to avoid scattering losses, it should also be checked again and again whether this influencer also has the right followers or also brings the expected clicks.

Attention – surreptitious advertising!

In order not to get into any legal trouble, it is advisable to maintain the labeling. If an influencer promotes the product, then this must be mentioned that it is an advertisement. Otherwise, it may be considered as surreptitious advertising.

Influencer marketing can also be combined with a good content strategy to improve the content and stories that are built additional with the familiar faces and build a more credible story that also resonates with customers.

Benjamin Talin, a serial entrepreneur since the age of 13, is the founder and CEO of MoreThanDigital, a global initiative providing access to topics of the future. As an influential keynote speaker, he shares insights on innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and has advised governments, EU commissions, and ministries on education, innovation, economic development, and digitalization. With over 400 publications, 200 international keynotes, and numerous awards, Benjamin is dedicated to changing the status quo through technology and innovation. #bethechange Stay tuned for MoreThanDigital Insights - Coming soon!

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