10 of the trendiest jobs 2022

Sustainability jobs and meaningful tasks remain in high demand

There is a palpable desire for meaningful jobs that will still exist, emerge, develop and be in demand in the working world of the future. Many conversations and interviews with (trend) scouts from the world of work and with futurologists have resulted in this list of ten trend jobs of the immediate future, which is of course not exhaustive:

There is a palpable desire for meaningful jobs that will still exist, emerge, develop and be in demand in the working world of the future. Many conversations and interviews with (trend) scouts from the world of work and with futurologists have resulted in this list of ten trend jobs of the immediate future, which is of course not exhaustive:

10 trend jobs of the future

1. Investment consulting for sustainability

Investing in an idea or a company that fits one’s own philosophy and is committed to a meaningful and sustainable idea. This is the aspiration of many business angels, investors and investors. If the business model is coherent and promises economic success, but at the same time follows the urge for sustainability and meaningfulness, this is a jackpot for many investment-hungry people. But how do you find such “investment jackpots” without falling for so-called “greenwashing”? Which investments are suitable and how can the opportunities and risks be evaluated? Even experienced investors soon reach their limits. Nils Herold and Serge Mion from Reinach in the Basel region, for example, specialize in these consulting questions and say: “The focus is on understanding personal values, life goals and the corresponding impact goals. An investment consulting service is focused on impact orientation. So the goal is a change in an existing situation generated by an action. In the context of asset investment, impact orientation means having the clear intention to achieve a measurable environmental and social impact in addition to a financial return.”

2. Technician Energy and Environment

Technicians in energy and environment design energy plants and calculate their economic efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainability. In the sign of the energy turnaround, projects for the use of renewable energy sources such as sunlight, geothermal energy, wind, water and biomass are becoming important and this is where the HF technicians in energy and environment can make their mark. Also exciting: advising companies, organizations and associations, public institutions and government agencies in energy and environmental management in the areas of water, waste, energy, transport, procurement, construction measures and renovations.

3. Business informatics specialists

Working as a business IT specialist promises a good future and a certain degree of job security. According to forecasts by SwissICT (Swiss Association for Information and Communication Technology), the Swiss economy is currently short of up to 25,000 IT specialists and will be in short supply in the coming years. Companies complain about the dried-up market. In particular, specialists such as business IT specialists are hard to find. These specialists use information and communication systems economically to support business processes and decision-making in companies. It is interesting to note that in the next twenty years, about 60 percent of today’s computer scientists or business information specialists will retire. There will soon be a shortage of qualified specialists, such as business IT specialists. These specialists analyze business processes within a company and examine the potential for support through information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as defining the corresponding specifications for the development or evaluation of systems.

4. Smart City Manager and Cyber City Analyst

These are in great demand in the course of digitization in city administrations and public authorities. They ensure the efficiency and sustainability of digital city administration systems. This is important in a city that handles large parts of its communication with citizens via e-government platforms and standardized online systems. They ensure that public authorities exchange as much or as little data with each other as is necessary for digital administration to work optimally.

5. Interim managers and business mentors

Interim managers step in when they are needed. Often, however, they are only called in when it is already too late and then the motto in the company is: “Prevent collateral damage”. The well-known interim manager from Basel Dr. Matthias Schweizer, specialized in bridging solutions in the social and health care sector – confirms: “Interim assignments serve to bridge bottlenecks and make it possible to initiate solutions to problems within a limited period of time. These safeguard operations and help mitigate economic damage in the event of unforeseen events.”

In-company mentoring is also experiencing an upswing, as Daniel Herzog, CEO of Lernwerkstatt Olten, confirms: “In the complexity of today’s working world, a great deal is demanded of people with advisory functions, of coaching specialists and trainers. In companies, mentoring has therefore become a central issue when it comes to accompanying people on a professional stage within the company. Because mentoring is more than coaching. Given the multi-layered and interconnected tasks within the modern working world, this is not surprising.”

6. Big Data Analysts and IT Security Managers

Data analysts are responsible for evaluating a wide variety of data. They analyze it for specific details and develop various concepts on this basis. As the amount of data grows, so do the risks of misuse of data. Leaks and accusations of unauthorized use of customer data can damage companies’ reputations and also have legal repercussions. To prevent this from happening in the first place, data stewards ensure that governance and compliance requirements are adhered to when dealing with data.

7. Engineers for power engineering

A specialist in energy and building technology is able to work in interdisciplinary teams on complex construction tasks due to a holistic way of thinking. Possess good basic knowledge in all core areas of the topics “buildings, energy and sustainability”.

8. Sales Engineers

As a sales engineer, you are responsible for marketing cutting-edge technologies. Skills related to the industrial goods market are useful, but also technical, legal, economic and psychological. The sales engineer acts as the crucial link between one’s own company and the industrial customer.

9. Food technology specialist

Food technology specialists produce food or beverages in industrial plants. They receive the raw materials delivered, check the quality and quantity of the goods and store them immediately so that they remain fresh. According to specified recipes, they weigh, mix and portion the raw materials, which are refined with auxiliary substances and additives such as flavors, flavor enhancers, binders, colorants or vitamins.

10. Technical businessmen

Everyone likes them – everyone wants them: The “jack of all trades” of the professional world of the future. Having versatility and yet expertise in some important commercial sub-areas is “in” again. More and more SMEs are looking for employees who are familiar with the respective industry and already have relevant experience in many areas, and even expertise in various fields, confirms TEKO Basel school director Terry Tschumi, for example. “The Technical Merchants with Federal Certificate training is such a further education and is aimed at those people who, for example, are active in craft professions and would like to work in management and/or commercial areas in the future. It also opens up new career and advancement opportunities.” Tschumi: “The demand for technical business people will increase strongly in the future.”

Joel Charles Wuethrich ist seit 1992 Chefredaktor in verschiedenen Verlagen und seit 2021 auch Verleger. Er erstellt mit seiner Agentur Working Press Basel (Schweiz-MTL-TLV) crossmediale Strategien und PR Konzepte für Unternehmen und Verlage und ist spezialisiert auf Story- und Brandtelling. Seit 25 Jahren gibt er sein Wissen als HF Fachdozent an Höheren Fachschulen und Fachhochschulen mit Lehrauftrag weiter (Marketing, PR, Verlagsmanagement). Ausserdem vermarktet Joël Ch. Wuethrich als CEO der Sportvermarktungsagentur Sportagon (Schweiz) Persönlichkeiten und Clubs aus der Sportwelt.

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