MoreThanDigital Becomes a Finalist in Switzerland’s Biggest Start-up Challenge and Ranks Among Most Innovative Start-ups

A next step in the recognition of our dedication and work over the last years

A testament to our innovative spirit and dedication to helping businesses embrace the digital future

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We are thrilled to announce that MoreThanDigital has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious >>venture>> competition, Switzerland’s leading startup challenge. This recognition places us among the top and most innovative start-ups in the country, reflecting our unwavering commitment to driving progress and positive change in the digital landscape.

The >>venture>> competition is known for supporting early-stage startups by awarding over half a million Swiss francs, along with providing access to an incredible network of experts, mentors, and top executives from leading Swiss companies. Being a finalist in this esteemed competition not only validates our innovative approach to digitalization and future-readiness but also presents an opportunity to connect with the resources and people instrumental in our growth and success.

At MoreThanDigital, we believe in being the change (#bethechange) and empowering companies and individuals to understand and master future challenges. Our focus on highly scalable solutions and the platform economy enables us to help millions of executives annually, by making complex topics understandable and providing immediate value. As a digital ecosystem, we prioritize collaboration and community building, fostering sustainable growth and positive impact in the digital world. Soon also MoreThanDigital Insights will be accessible to the world of business and giving thousands of businesses access to data-driven decision-making.

The jury’s feedback on our project highlights our innovative spirit and impressive user base: “Well done. There is a lot of creative power in this project and reaching this user base is impressive.” Another jury member commented: “I really like this approach which is clearly in the zeitgeist, sharing economy, insight-selling and notion of uberization. Good job!”

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the >>venture>> competition, the jury, and our dedicated team at MoreThanDigital for their tireless efforts in driving innovation and change. This achievement fuels our resolve to continue developing cutting-edge platforms, educational opportunities, and economic development formats to stay at the forefront of change and impact.

Stay tuned for further updates on our journey, and together, let’s #bethechange!

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