10 best Font Websites – awesome free fonts for commercial and personal use

Find the best sites on the internet for free fonts and font directories

Fonts make a difference, no matter if used online or offline. They can spice up your marketing materials, give your company an identity and also be used to make your website more beautiful. The good news is: There are tons of free fonts available so you are free to try out for personal and also commercial use.

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All these websites offer you a great choice of fonts and that for free. This list is not only interesting if you have a tight budget, so enjoy browsing all these websites and have fun discovering your new font.

PLEASE NOTE: There are free fonts on each website. If you use it for personal (private) purposes, most of them are free and without attribution. When you are looking for comercially free fonts, please be careful in reading the licence agreement of each and every font.

How to install new fonts?

Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista)
Unzip/Unpack the file if need. Select the font files (.otf, .ttf or .fon), right-click on the files and click “Install”. Alternatively you can place the fonts in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

Apple (OS X 10.3 or higher)
Double click on the files and press “Install font” at the bottom of the preview. Alternatively place the files into /Library/Fonts (all users) or /Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts (only specific user).

1. Google Fonts

With more than 900 different font types, this is a great source and also maybe the start for a lot of you. All font types are represented, from sans serif to handwriting and much more. Best part about Google Fonts is that they are completely open source, so you can do whatever you want (including commercial use) with them, without restrictions.

Read the full licence agreement

2. FontSpace

Almost 40.000 fonts are available on FontSpace. There you will find a lot of categories, lots of options, dozends of tags and also a variety of free fonts for commercial use. There are more than 2000 fonts available for commercial use, so you will be having a great time looking for your perfect font. Please be carefull on whether it is comercially free or just for personal usage.

Read the full licence agreement

3. Fontasy

Fontasy offers around 1100 different fonts. Most of them are free, some are shareware or paid. When you are using the fonts for commercial use, please read carefully the licence agreement or contact the font owner before you use it.

Read the full licence agreement

4. DaFont

DaFont offers a wide variety of great fonts especially for private use. But also when you are looking for fonts on a commercial use basis, you gonna find lots of fonts there. We love the option to find fonts based on topics like “Video Games”, “Medival”, “Grafitti” and much more. When downloading we recommend reading the licence agreement to be on the safe side with your font.

Read the full licence agreement

5. FontStruct

This is a super option to create your own font so you don’t need to look for ready made fonts – simply be unique. Next to the FontStruct online font designer and you also have access to the work of the community. If you want to use fonts from the community, please be sure to read carefully the terms of usage of this specific font or contact the author of the font direct.y

Read the full licence agreement

6. Abstract Fonts

A huge variety of personal and comercially available free fonts for everybody. It offers a nicely curated variety of fonts and the category system makes it quite easy to browse and discover. Please carefully read the licence of each font before downloading.

7. FontSpring

While not completely free, you will still find tons of free fonts on FontSpring. Each font will have its own subpage where you will find the details about the licence and the possible commericial use.

Read the full licence agreement


A designer offers his created fonts for free for everybody. When you want to use it for commercial purposes he encourages you to donate what you find appropriate. Definitely worth looking at and also supporting.

9. Free Fonts Project

A great ressource with more than 50 free fonts completely free to use for personal and commercial use. Ivan Gladkikh work was targeted to get more people interested in fonts and also make fonts available for a broad band of users.

Read the full licence agreement

10. The Leage of Moveable Type

Created in 2009, this movement is combining design with open-soure thinking. A selected list of designers offer their work for free and all of the fonts there are free to use for private and commercial usage.

Read the full licence agreement


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