#bemorethandigital #bethechange

MoreThanDigital and its community works under a unifying vision and mission – Together we want to make a difference for the issues that go beyond technology.

#bethechange was used in 2018 to encourage experts to share their own knowledge in an easy to understand and accessible way. So our old login name was renamed to #bethechange, which became a unifying word over time. This quickly led to the values and the basis of MoreThanDigital being united under the hashtag in today’s vision and mission.

But besides the vision and mission, #bethechange has also become quite a strong unifying word for our community, partners and companions. All of us together stand for the fact that technology, knowledge and also resources should be used to advance the topics of politics, economy, science, politics as well as society together.

So we have summarized the cornerstones under which we work and what #bethechange stands for in the following manifesto:

  • We share knowledge – because knowledge is the basis for change
  • Equitable distribution – using technology for the benefit of all
  • Finding solutions – We stand for holistic solutions, for people, environment and society
  • We want to change – Together we stand up for change
  • Master plan instead of actionism – we stand for less actionism, rather on holistic solutions
  • Achieving more together – everyone must pull together, whether science, business, politics or society
  • Focus on people, animals and the environment – It’s not just about technologies, we think ahead together
  • Change as a constant – The world is changing and we have to change with it

This manifesto is the basis for our actions at MoreThanDigital and serves as a guideline to make the right decisions in the future. We want to stand up for change and find solutions together – #bethechange

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