NLP in Content Marketing – Neuro Linguistic Content

Why Neuro Linguistic Programming is a must in content marketing.

Content Marketing is becoming more and more important and Neuro Lingiustic Programming (NLP) can play a very important role – Especially in Social Media Marketing.

To be successful in marketing, it is important to understand exactly who you are dealing with in depth. This is especially relevant in social media, as the audience is right in front of you. In order to reach this target group in the best possible way, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) plays a very important role in social media marketing. But what exactly is NLP and how can it help in unleashing the potential of the target audience? Let’s take a deeper look at it….

NLP simply explained

The concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, uses language and behavioral patterns to understand people’s subconscious and reactions. This understanding can be used to develop social media posts that resonate subconsciously with the target audience. It grew out of coaching and therapy analysis and is designed to bring about the fastest changes in the subconscious mind. By examining each word, the benefits of NLP become increasingly apparent. NLP, in short, enables you to dissolve long-standing fears and subconscious blockages within a few minutes.

  • N: “Neuro” – refers to the nervous system and the way the brain stores and processes information.
  • L: “Linguistic” – refers to language and the connection between language, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • P: “Programming” – refers to the use of techniques and methods to achieve changes in thinking and behavior.

Together, then, “NLP” refers to a method of influencing behavior and thought through changes in language and communication.

Advantages of NLP in Social Media Marketing

With NLP, you have the chance to gain deep insights into the buying habits of your customers. By addressing the 95% of decisions in the subconscious, you can act on these behavior patterns. By working with the deep structure of NLP, you have the opportunity to craft a text so that the reader is on the surface while you communicate in the deep structure. As an example, I might write an article that talks about firefly mating behaviors, but at the same time solves buying blocks at a deep subconscious level. Isn’t that crazy? And the whole thing works without the reader realizing it.

What are the differences between NLP and Neuro Linguistic Content?

Before you realize what an unfair advantage NLC gives in marketing, let me briefly explain how it came to be. After years of successfully solving subconscious blockages and fears in customers, Fabian Helfenstein realized that the majority of people have many blockages when buying products, which has prevented the purchase until now. 80%-95% still have subconscious buying blocks, which prevent them from buying a product/service. Since many users on social media are in a trance-like state, this provides the easiest opportunity to access the subconscious. From this insight, NLP was translated and developed further into social media marketing, eventually leading to the emergence of Neuro Linguistic Content (NLC).


In conclusion, NLC is an indispensable tool for businesses to remain successful in the digital age. Using NLC provides the marketing team with valuable information about customer behavior that can be used for more than just social media content, but also for overall marketing strategy, including email and website. To stand out from the competition, it’s wise to incorporate elements from Neuro Linguistic Content into your communications!

Helpful questions

  • If NLP solves deep fears in a few minutes, isn’t it much easier for buying blocks?
  • Do you realize yet how much NLC has been incorporated into this blog?
  • What other buying blocks do your customers have?
  • Where else could you apply this?
Fabian Helfenstein ist der Entwickler von Neuro Linguistic Content er hilft Social Media Manager, Marketingleitern und Geschäftsführern, wie sie mit Content Marketing alle unterbewussten Glaubenssätze verändern können. Dies ermöglicht es, die 80% der potenziellen Kunden zugewinnen, die jetzt noch denken, sie brauchen die Dienstleistung/Produkt nicht. Sein Fokus liegt auf der Psychologie in der Kombination zu Social Media als Basis für erfolgreiches Social Media Marketing. Trotz seines jungen Alters gewinnt er schon seit über 10 Jahren Kunden über Social Media und darf Firmen erfolgreicher machen.

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