Digital design for successful online presentations and more

Digitally design the important materials, customized and unique.

Successful digital design, is exclusive to a company’s corporate design and stationery, creating unique visual experiences on screens.

The term digital design refers to the design and programming of content – text, graphics, photos, audio, and video – for display on digital user interfaces. Digital design for unique visual experiences on screens.

Design for digital corporate presentations, digital corporate design, logo, graphics, images and visualizations as well as design for websites and postings in business networks, the digital design of eBooks, of online lectures and presentations: Any design for an online presentation, digital service, digital product or digital system, is Digital Design.

Digital design includes two areas. The graphic design of digital media and the programming. Both areas design digital user interfaces. Digital design, as a form of visual communication, creates digital user interfaces to present information, services or products online.

Digital design in transition

In the digital age, online content is more likely to be used than read. Digital design enables the user to use a service or product, to get information and to interact. Digital design is always an interactive design, which is used especially on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Successful digital design is user-friendly and accessible. This is because it is often, and this trend will increase in the future, used and operated with mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones require a perfect Digital Design, so that all content, even in portrait and landscape format, is displayed correctly.

Online lectures, presentations, texts, graphics, photos, audios and videos, are not only displayed optimally, they also have a function, they are interactive and invite to participate and discover: Zoom in and out, click and scroll, tap and swipe, the text is hypertext with links (references) to other content in the lecture, presentation or on the world wide web (Internet).

Digital design is online design

Digital design is a combination of visualization and programming that requires an online presence and code, just as classic graphic design requires paper and pens and modern graphic design requires a screen and a printer.
Graphic design is print design.

Excellent visual experiences on screens and digital user interfaces: with digital design, digital design, online design, online design. The best known online design is website design, web design, one of the variants of digital design. Landing page design, especially call-to-action (CTA) design in this case, is also an example of the application of digital design in the field of web design.

In addition to the digital design of the logo, for online use, the digital design of infographics, key visuals, icons and graphics for postings in business networks, are other variants of digital design. Likewise, the design of emails and newsletters, as well as the design of eBooks and other downloads for websites. The digital design, to create a corporate design template for presentations, video conferences and online lectures, rounds off the unique online presence, as a visually consistent overall appearance.

A successful online presentation as a visual experience

Design a presentation to be unmistakably unique.

Digital design, perfectly matching the corporate design of a company, is especially the design of the logo, the colors, the fonts as well as the texts, graphics and photos. Through this design, the online presentation becomes a digital success, a visual experience, a unique, successful online presentation.

Slide masters and templates

The corporate design of a presentation is created for all slides in the so-called slide master and saved as a design template. This template, once created, can be used for all subsequent presentations. Thus, it is no longer necessary to reformat the logo, title, colors, font and text size for each slide in newly created presentations.

In the slide master, the design is formatted once and this for different slide types such as the title page, chapters, table of contents, slides with text, slides with bulleted lists, slides with graphics or slides with text and graphics.

The position of the logo, font, font size and position for the slide title and text is defined in the slide master. Also the size and position of graphics. Furthermore the footer. Here, the font, font size and position of, for example, page numbers, company name, author or title of the presentation can be defined.

Once the design template is created, all the attention, in the future, can be devoted to the content of presentations and successful presentations, because these are the goal. Exciting now becomes the structuring of the content, the structure of the presentation, the common thread for the presentation, the visualization of the content, the choice: Text or image or both? If text, which and how much. Photos or images? Are these available, are stock media needed or should digital graphics be created.

Infographics and other graphics

If a lot of numbers and data are the topic, infographics come into question. These are also a variant of digital design. Infographics can be used to visualize numbers and data in an appealing way. Photos and text also present dry numbers and data excellently.
Digital design visualizes content in an appealing, informative and entertaining way.

Also for the design of the background of video calls, video conferences and online lectures, via video, digital design offers a variety of possibilities for self-design.

Author: Elisabeth Bölter von ZUKUNFT GESTALTEN

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