10 Top Websites for awesome free and royalty-free photos

Here you find the best websites for free and royalty-free stock photos on the web

Everyone has had the problem that they actually need a nice picture and don’t have one at hand. If you use Google, it can quickly lead to a lawsuit, so this is something you should definitely avoid if you want to make it proper. The solution is royalty-free images from certain image databases that are accessible for best of all: free of charge.

Worth mentioning are also databases that offer CC0-license-free images. Therefore we have written an extra article and also explained what CC0 means. Here are 12 websites for royalty-free stock photos – with CC0 and free of charge

This list should help everyone to create beautiful website content as well as great content and marketing brochures. Some of our own favorites for free and especially important royalty-free photo databases are on this list.

1. Pexels.com

Great platform offering hand-picked royalty-free photos under the “Creative Commons Zero License” agreement, also called CC0 Licence. This means that the photos can be used for personal and business purposes without attribution, i.e. mentioning an author etc. The great search function of the site also allows you to quickly find the desired image for any scenery or any situation.

Read the full licence agreement

2. Negative Space

Negative Space makes a lot of photos available for free use every week as well. The photos are roaylty-free, hand-picked, easy to find and the categories are helpful to quickly find the pictures you need for any project.

Read the full licence agreement

3. Death to the Stock Photo

The basic idea of the founders was to make high-resolution and beautiful pictures available to everyone and this even roaylty-free. As a premium member you also help to finance further photo trips and projects to take more great pictures available to the community and help to get more images of the world to everybody.

Read the full licence agreement (version of 2014)

4. Freerange

The photos on the website come from a pool of photographers who provide free and royalty-free images. Slowly, the community is also being built up around it, providing additional content and making it every day more attractive. The goal is to provide really good and very high resolution images. Great project and awesome free photo source.

Read the full licence agreement

5. Unsplash

Unsplash says it publishes 10 pictures every 10 days with which you can also do everything, because they can also be used under CC0 and thus license-free for all projects of yours. The pictures are really very high quality and well selected. Unsplash offers a wide range of free high-quality and roaylty-free photos for everybody.

Read the full licence agreement

6. StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io realizes the motto “not to be just any fucking Stock Photo site”. You could scroll for hours through the great shots and watch the hand-picked masterpieces of royalty-free images. Definitely worth a few looks/clicks, because here you will also find pictures that otherwise do not exist and all are free to use.

Read the full licence agreement

7. New Old Stock

Really great platform specialized in nostalgic, old or in old made pictures. Here you have a great selection of black and white pictures and unique shots no other stock photo database will offer. Everyone who loves vintage should bookmark it to browse the photos. Here, however, one should note that some pictures are not completely free to use, read carefully for every picture how you are allowed to use it as not all are roaylty-free photos.

Read the full licence agreement

8. Pixabay

Really large database of images, vector graphics and much more that can also be filtered or sorted wonderfully by alignment, media type, etc. Pixabay also offers royalty-free images & content under Creative Commons CC0, so you can use the media anywhere without any problems.

Read the full licence agreement

9. Picjumbo

If you are in need of images for larger projects like websites, blogs etc. everything can be found here in one place. Picjumbo offers a lot of pictures in highest quality and also the packages for premium content. Especially nice is also the offer of plugins for Photoshop. This and the roaylty-free images make it to one of the most comprehensive of all stock photo websites on the internet.

Read the full licence agreement

10. Startup Stock Photos

As the name suggests, this website is designed for startups. But don’t be suprised if you also find pictures for your company even you are not a start-up company. The pictures are specially designed to display content, apps and other things, so that you can put on a professional appearance without much effort for photoshoots with models etc.. If you need to market a new app, website or just want to have a nice photo for a presentation, this might be the best place to find your roaylty-free photo.

Read the full licence agreement

//Update 2019

11. Kamboopics

Very beautiful and unique stock photos from  Karolina Grabowska. Several thousand pictures especially suitable for Instagram and Social Medial. Here you definitely find a special shot. We recommend reading the licence agreement to be on the safe side.

Read the full licence agreement

12. Startup Photo Stock

Not only for Start-Ups but for everybody. We really recommend looking into this beautiful stock poto database. Here you find enough material for your marketing, pitch decks and much more.

Read the full licence agreement

13. SplitShire

Large array of unique licence-free pictures you get for free. Best part is that you can really see and feel the love Daniel Nanescu puts in all his pictures. With all these beautiful stock photos online, you will definitely find your picture.

Read the full licence agreement

//Our MoreThanDigital Favorites: Unsplash.com and Pexels.com

Probably you also want to know what we like and use the most. We from the MoreThanDigital editorial team like to use Unsplash or Pexels for our beautiful pictures on the articles. As a non-profit oriented initiative we are of course also dependent on free content. Though our limited budget, we are happy to find so beautiful stock photos and make our articles even better for you. Hope you like our picture selection as well, because we always try to find suitable pictures for you to make the articles more beautiful!

Of course, as always this list is not exhaustive and if you know especially good sites for free royalty-free pictures, then we are very happy about a message or mail. We are happy to extend this list with other databases who you love and where you get your free and roaylty-free photos from.

Stay digital!

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